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Brad Paterson is the CEO of Splitit, a global payments company that’s reimagining the shopping experience with interest-free installment payments to help businesses grow and improve affordability and flexibility for shoppers.

Three Ways Buy Now Pay Later Reduces Cart Abandonment

Brad Paterson
Cart abandonment is a major source of revenue loss for eCommerce businesses, causing a $4.6 trillion annual loss globally. And according to Statista, 88% of all items shoppers add to their virtual carts remain unpurchased. Several factors contribute to cart abandonment, especially lack of transparency including hidden shipping costs, limited......

Four Benefits of Buy Now Pay Later for Ecommerce Retailers

Brad Paterson
The events of 2020 have upended nearly every industry, particularly retail. Widespread shutdowns shuttered brick and mortar stores for months at a time, while online shopping grew by more than 30% from March to April, alone(eCommerce retailers). Read More: GlobalFintechSeries Interview with Chuck Klein, Chief Executive Officer & Founder at IMM......

How the Payment Industry Can Best Support Their Customers (And the Market)

Brad Paterson
No one can predict the ultimate impact COVID-19 will have on global business. Months of entire industries shutting down will have lasting effects on the economy, impacting businesses and consumers alike. During these uncertain times, businesses in a position to help have a responsibility to do what they can to......