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Cheryl Chiodi leads financial services marketing at ABBYY where she works closely with financial institutions to overcome their content and process challenges to improve operational efficiency and achieve customer excellence. Cheryl is an experienced author and speaker on financial services industry trends and frequently delivers keynotes at the Wall Street Technology Association and The Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance. Before joining ABBYY, Cheryl led Industry Marketing for Financial Services at Appian and prior to that, held a number of positions across the business at large organizations such as Red Hat, Akamai, Pegasystems, BAE Systems — Applied Intelligence, and Monitor-Deloitte. Cheryl holds a BFA in Visual Design from UMASS Dartmouth. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Derek; son, James, and two dogs, Holly and Bella. In her spare time, she enjoys motorcycle riding and running, and completed her first marathon in November of 2018.

What Do the Cloud, Metaverse and Zombies All Have in Common? Financial Institutions.

Cheryl Chiodi
They say word-of-mouth generates the most genuine opinions, so it’s good to see the conference circuit opening up again to get an ear to the ground on the latest news and future trends for the financial services industry. My recent trips included the IDC Directions Conference in Boston, the CeFPro......

Three Ways To Fight Bank Fraud

Cheryl Chiodi
The rise in daily fraud attacks on banks and financial institutions has led to some organizations adding additional resources to their financial crime teams, but if they are still using old tools, is throwing more people at the problem the answer? There is no doubt that Know Your Customer (KYC)......