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Hitesh Agrawal is a tech enthusiast with industrial expertise in creating articles on emerging topics like blockchain technology, AI, machine learning, and so on. He has combined his technical experiences with finance knowledge to produce content that is appreciated all over the business. In his free time, he likes to travel and play cricket.

Future Of Payment: Top 10 Payment Trends Of Future

Hitesh Agrawal
The financial domain has now entirely become digital. The primary sector that sees growth here is payments. People can now select from distinct payment options born out of industrial trends like mobile payment, e-wallet, distributed ledgers, and open banking. What is the future trend in payment? Keep reading this article......

Fintech A Beginner’s Guide To Financial Technology

Hitesh Agrawal
Each one of you might be a part of a game-changing finance experience when you pay for online shopping from a mobile device or receive money instantly in your bank account from an application. Traditional banking had many barriers of slow operating systems, waiting in long queues, and other similar......