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Kristy is CFO at Xero. Kirsty leads Xero’s global financial team driving financial outcomes, actively managing the group’s financial performance, optimizing the business's balance sheet, and communicating the group’s strategic and financial priorities to stakeholders including investors. Kirsty is an FCA and FCPA with more than 25 years’ global experience in the finance and technology sectors across New Zealand and the UK at companies including PwC, BBC Technology, Jade and Siemens. Kirsty holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Management from Lincoln University.

How to Successfully Implement Automation Into Finance Teams

Kirsty Godfrey-Billy
Harnessing technology can help finance teams automate time consuming, repetitive or labor intensive tasks. However, many finance teams are hesitant to lean into automation – this might be due to  perceived higher cost, implementation challenges, and fear of change. But ultimately, if done correctly, the transition will be worth it.......