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Meenaz Sunderji is the Executive Vice President, Partner Growth and Sales at Zafin, a leading provider of product and pricing control solutions, enabling banks to manage risks and increase customer lifetime value.

Personalization: The Gen Z Banking Imperative

Meenaz Sunderji
Generation Z, the next generation of bank customers, represents a sizeable market segment. This generational cohort, born after 1996, makes up about 20% of the U.S. population according to Statista and data from Business Insider indicates that Gen Z wields purchasing power of more than $143 billion. Purchasing power that is projected by......

How the Crisis-Fuelled Digitization of Banks Will Spark Long-Term Customer Loyalty

Meenaz Sunderji
In the wake of COVID-19, most industries are adjusting their processes, operations and offerings to help support the needs of their customers. The steps organizations take now could lay the foundation for the next several years. For example, all eyes are on the banking industry. As the world navigates the......