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Michael Kodari is the Founder and CEO of Kodari Securities (KOSEC), a leading provider of investment services to a substantial and diversified client base, including corporations and ultra-high net worth individuals. With over a decade of experience in funds management and stockbroking, Michael has worked with some of the world’s leading value investors and financial institutions. A philanthropist and a prominent expert in the stock market, CNBC Asia has referred to him as “the brightest 21st century entrepreneur in wealth management”.

AI Versus Humans: Who’s Better at Making Money?

Michael Kodari
AI (artificial intelligence) has applications in everyday life, from driving cars to playing chess. But can it make better investment decisions than humans? Maybe, but the answer is a bit more complicated than that. The use of AI is already firmly established in investment markets, especially in the form of......

DeFi and the Rise of Disruptive Financial Innovation

Michael Kodari
  DeFi presents a revolutionary and innovative new frontier when it comes to opening fresh opportunities in improving the global financial markets. Let’s take a look at what DeFi is and its implications within the wider global banking and finance ecosystem. DeFi Defined De-centralized Finance (DeFi) in general terms is......