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Rujul Zaparde is the co-founder and CEO of Zip. As a serial entrepreneur and former Visiting Partner at acclaimed startup accelerator Y Combinator, Rujul is deeply committed to using technology to solve complex business problems. Prior to Zip, Rujul co-founded FlightCar, where he served as CEO through the company’s acquisition by Mercedes Benz in 2016. He also served as a Product Manager for Airbnb.

Why the Future of B2B Payments Starts Upstream

Rujul Zaparde
Nearly every business must contend with issuing B2B payments, yet the related processes have famously been too slow. Muddied by manual validation steps and requiring significant effort by controllers and account payable (AP) teams to verify and make payment runs, B2B payments are both cumbersome and time-consuming. AP teams have......

Why Visibility and Control are Key to Reducing OpEx

Rujul Zaparde
Businesses are looking to cut costs in smart and impactful ways that remove unnecessary waste and improve their overall financial picture. Unfortunately, business leaders can’t effectively reduce spend unless they know what they are buying in the first place. According to the 2023 Trends in B2B Purchasing study, 47% of......