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Bitlocus, A Crypto To Fiat Exchange Is Launching A Series Of Innovative B2B Products

Bitlocus, A Crypto To Fiat Exchange Is Launching A Series Of Innovative B2B Products

Bitlocus, a rising crypto-fiat exchange with increasing popularity globally, is accelerating the much needed crypto infrastructure and digital transformation. The key factor for this is in the innovative and convenient essential services it offers, backed by an extensive list of professional partners.


Recently, Bitlocus announced the launch of its innovative B2B products, a special client-first, simplified and technical service. The Bitlocus B2B will provide IEO launchpads, crypto payment gateway, custom pair (with fiat) token listing services to crypto projects of any size and scale with the aim of helping to accelerate crypto adoption.

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One aspect of importance that their team is thrilled about, is the newly added white-label exchange service. This white-label service will enable crypto projects to get low-cost and well structured features for their comprehensive platform architecture built under 4 weeks. White-label will support back-end, API, front-end (responsive website), multiple blockchain integrations, KYC/AML monitoring, compliance, business and technical support.

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According to Bitlocus CEO, Andrius Normantas, “The B2B service supports Bitlocus’ goals to extend wider crypto availability globally as the demand arises from out-of-reach or under-served places. Utilising our extensive experience in project development, client-focused approach, building and maintenance programs, we are proud to deliver these services and we are looking forward to it being a breakthrough launchpad for any crypto project which will provide new and easier ways for crypto engagement, development and mass adoption in compliance with our vision.”

Bitlocus’ B2B is another step in Bitlocus’ long-term mission to be a go-to provider for global crypto integration which includes collaborative partnerships. Within a few years, Bitlocus has helped to grow the next generation of crypto technology – all at low costs with a very secure infrastructure.

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