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Integral SIZE Launches On Arbitrum To Deliver Twap Swaps With Zero Price Impact

Integral SIZE, a TWAP-based decentralized exchange (DEX) built for large trades, today announced its deployment on Arbitrum, the leading Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, developed by Offchain Labs. With this deployment, SIZE will leverage the increased capacity and lower costs of Arbitrum technology while maintaining the security of the Ethereum mainnet.

Integral SIZE is the first Arbitrum DEX offering TWAP trading and order execution with zero price for any trade size. With the average order on SIZE being a multiple of the leading DEX or DEX aggregator, SIZE capitalizes on the capabilities of Arbitrum to more efficiently process transactions and save money for their users. With Integral SIZE on Arbitrum, traders can now trade as efficiently on Arbitrum as Ethereum, all while leveraging the power of TWAP trading and lower gas fees.

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“We are excited to welcome Integral SIZE into the Arbitrum ecosystem,” said A.J. Warner, Chief Strategy Officer. “Having SIZE capitalize on the benefits of deploying on Arbitrum should prove beneficial for both parties involved and we are looking forward to watching SIZE grow as a premier decentralized exchange in the crypto landscape.”

Since launching on Ethereum mainnet, Integral SIZE has facilitated approximately $20 million in trading volume. As DeFi continues to scale, users seek to allocate resources into more low-cost, efficient platforms.

Integral SIZE will be the first DEX on Arbitrum to offer:

  • TWAP trading with zero price impact on any order size
  • MEV protection
  • Impermanent loss protection for liquidity providers

Integral Co-founder, under the pseudonym 0xDorsal, commented, “With Integral SIZE on Arbitrum, traders now have the freedom to facilitate secure trades at any level. This improves the DeFi experience for not only DAOs and average traders, but for all L2 platforms. For every $1 of liquidity brought to Arbitrum, it creates much more value than the counterpart on other DEX. We are excited to have found such a partner in Arbitrum and look forward to growing on their technology.”

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