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Top 45 B2B Fintech Newsletters You Can Subscribe

Are you a fintech nerd?

Are you frequently looking out for some fintech news?

Do you wish to sharpen the sword of your financial knowledge?

Are you confused about the newsletter subscriptions by not bombarding your inbox with useless content?

Well, you have landed at the right blog by one of the most famous and topmost websites for the fintech domain.

Here it goes..not 5, not 10, but rather a full-fledged 40 websites/newsletters for B2B fintech. Yes, it took a weeks time to form this article just to serve you better each time and always.

Global FinTech Series

This is one the most trending website with its updated news section covering, especially U.S. and U.K. market content. Global FinTech covers trending industry updates across the Global Finance Technology Segment. An online journal called Global FinTech Series seeks to cover hot topics in the FinTech domain. They cover breaking news, editorial analysis, and worldwide trends in digital marketing as well.

The goal of the newsletters is to keep readers up to date on the latest developments in the fintech sector and to encourage cooperation and creativity among fintech professionals. It is a Digital Technology Publication that provides insightful content through researched articles, and engaging interviews with the top minds in the industry. Global Fintech series is a part of iTechSeries.

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FinTech Finance News

FinTech Finance News reports on financial technology and innovation in the banking and financial services sectors and offers commentary, analysis, and insights. Traveling the globe, they speak with FinTech specialists about various topics, including payments, blockchain, lending, wealth management, insurance, and more.

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Australian FinTech 

Australian FinTech is the go-to source for news on Australian fintech, as well as a comprehensive directory of local firms and useful links.

The Fintech Times

The FinTech Times is the first FinTech-specific newspaper in the world. It offers insights into the most recent innovations, patterns, and difficulties facing the sector, covering issues including blockchain, artificial intelligence, payments, digital banking, wealth management, and more.

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Fintec Buzz

A digital journal called Fintec Buzz covers topics in the fintech sector such as payments, legislation, investment, and banking technology. Their goal is to aid tech and financial professionals in learning about the FinTech sector.

FinTech Magazine

With a wide range of topics covered, including banking, payments, insurance, investments, and blockchain, FinTech Magazine covers the most recent FinTech news and developments. FinTech Magazine is a well-known publication in the fintech sector, reaching 113,000 executives, professionals, and analysts.

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FinTech Futures

FinTech Futures can find information at FinTech Futures. It was first established in London as Banking Technology, but it expanded to cover the global banking and FinTech sectors. Paytech, regtech, wealthtech, lendtech, and insurtech are also covered.

FinTech Weekly

FinTech Weekly is a weekly summary of news, commentary, and observations on the FinTech sector that is sent to readers via a digital newsletter. They span wealth management, loans, insurance, payments, and blockchain.


Providing news on financial technology and innovation in the financial services sector, Finextra is an independent newswire and news source. It covers IT news in capital markets, insurance, and wholesale and retail banking.

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Finovate is a conference series and online publication that examines the most recent changes in the financial technology sector. The company’s goal is to encourage collaboration and innovation in the FinTech sector by giving the best brains in the sector a place to meet and exchange ideas.

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Andreessen Horowitz

The weekly from Andreessen Horowitz 16z covers topics like artificial intelligence (AI), open source, software as a service, enterprise software, and company building. We also share what we see, hear, and discuss in our own corridors.

Daily FinTech

Insights, news, and analysis on financial technology and innovation in the banking and financial services sector are covered by Daily FinTech. Payments, blockchain, loans, asset management, insurance, and other topics are all covered in the book.

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 Benzinga FinTech Focus

For financial security, Benzinga contends that all people in the globe should have access to news, information, and education. They offer advice on personal finance, investing, trading, and other topics. A digital newsletter called Benzinga FinTech emphasis delivers news, analysis, and insights about the fintech sector, with an emphasis on new companies and developments in the field.


Stay up to date on technological trends, venture capital, startups, and the sectors of tomorrow with the free CBInsights newsletter.

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The National

United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based daily newspaper The National publishes in English. In addition to regional and global news, the journal covers news and events in the United Arab Emirates. Politics, business, technology, culture, and other subjects are all covered in depth by The National.

Financial IT

An online and print publication for FinTech market analysis is called Financial IT They offer coverage of the most recent developments in FinTech, including blockchain, trading systems, security, compliance, and transaction banking.


AltFi is a London-based company that offers events, news, insights, and opinions for the FinTech sector. They cover subjects including banking, investing, and lending.

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Banking Innovation

The U.S. Bank innovation team publishes Banking Innovation online. They discuss the most recent trends and advancements in payment technology as well as FinTech innovation in banking and payments.

FIN News

Financial Investment News (FIN) is a news source that focuses on investment news and analysis while also covering the most recent financial industry events. It offers up-to-the-minute information, knowledgeable commentary, and in-depth research on financial markets, investment plans, and portfolio management.

 American Banker

Specifically covering banking, financial technology, and related industry news, American Banker is a trade journal based in New York City. With more than 850,000 user interactions annually, the journal serves professionals in the banking and financial services sectors as well as investors, regulators, and policymakers.


The most well-liked financial services are available on Bilderlings, along with news on fintech and the banking industry.

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Banking Dive

Based in Washington, DC, Banking Dive covers news and developments in the banking sector, such as FinTech, rules, mergers and acquisitions, and consumer banking. Owned by Industry Dive, Banking Dive reaches more than 14 million business executives, analysts, and professionals who are interested in the most recent information and trends in the banking sector.

 Bank Automation News

A digital journal called Bank Automation News offers news, analysis, and viewpoints on automation and technology in the banking sector. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, and chatbots are just a few of the many issues linked to banking automation that are covered. Industry experts, executives, and analysts from across the world who are interested in the application of technology to streamline and automate banking activities read Bank Automation News.

 Global Banking & Finance Review

Both an online and print publication, Global Banking & Finance Review. They have skilled writers that offer insights in an understandable manner to keep the general public up to date on developments in the financial business.

Banking Exchange

For information on the industry, bankers can turn to Banking Exchange. They have reporters, bloggers, and editors on staff who cover news, research, and industry insights about the banking and financial services sector.


A London-based publication for entrepreneurs is called FinSMEs. They focus on fundraising, mergers & acquisitions, product launches, and other topics in their coverage of news, analysis, and insights in the financial technology sector.

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FinTech Switzerland

The Fintech Ecosystem, including Mobile Payment, Personal Finance, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Robo Advisor, and Lending, as well as Startups in Switzerland, the UK, and Europe, is covered by Fintech News Switzerland.

Fintech Americas

Over 400 fintech leaders will attend Fintech Americas, including bank entrepreneurs, IT professionals, and financial executives who are responsible for implementing or battling disruptive ideas that have the potential to completely change the financial sector.

Crowdfund Insider

A news and analysis website called Crowdfund Insider covers everything from peer-to-peer lending to investment crowdfunding in its coverage of the developing FinTech sector. Crowdfund Insider also covers the laws and rules governing the financial industry.

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The Financial Brand

In the retail banking sector, The Financial Brand focuses on marketing-related concerns. They shed light on the issues that now confront banks and how banks might position themselves for success.

Global Finance Magazine

Monthly publication Global Finance was started by businessmen Joseph Giarraputo and Carl Burgen. Their goal is to assist business executives, bankers, and investors in keeping up with the financial and commercial world.

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Finance Magnates

With an emphasis on forex, cryptocurrencies, and other trading markets, Finance Magnates is a global source of news, analysis, and views on the financial sector. Their goal is to meet all information needs for the financial industry and they deliver impartial news.


BankBeat is a news source that focuses on community banks and credit unions while reporting on the most recent changes in the banking sector. Breaking news, knowledgeable commentary, and in-depth research on banking laws, financial markets, and technical advancements are all provided.

 FinTech Singapore

Daily news about financial technology, including mobile payments, personal finance, bitcoin, blockchain, robo advisors, and lending, is provided by Fintech Singapore News.

The Banker

A monthly publication, The Banker, focuses on the worldwide banking and financial sector. They are known in the business as reliable providers of unbiased news. Markets, banking, legislation, risk, technology, and data are all covered in the journal.


Weekly newsletters from Tearsheet cover the effects of FinTech on the financial sector. Challenger banks, lending, payments, and embedded finance are all covered

Investor’s Business Daily

William J. O’Neil established the financial magazine Investor’s Business Daily. In order to assist stock market investors, they offer stock lists, market data, and research.


News, analysis, and views on the international financial markets are provided by the investing journal Barron’s. They offer guidance on stock, bond, and other investments. The top investment firms and financial advisors in the world are ranked annually by Barron’s.

Digital Banking Report

A journal called Digital Banking Report offers direction on digital banking and financial technology to banking professionals, technology experts, and financial industry leaders. The article discusses digital transformation, customer experience, payments, FinTech, mobile banking, and online banking.

Seeking Alpha

Market analysis, investment advice, and news about publicly traded firms are all offered by the financial news and research portal Seeking Alpha. Their objective is to arm investors with trustworthy news information to help them make the best choices

The DigFin DigFin blog offers in-depth analyses of business models, focusing on interactions between financial institutions, technology businesses, and startups. The ‘fin’ must first be understood in order to discuss fintech.

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Finance Monthly

A global financial journal called Finance Monthly offers news, analysis, and viewpoints on the world’s financial sector. They cover the news that affects business and finance experts. The topics of Banking, Capital Markets, and

Fintech Hong Kong

FinTech Hong Kong News is a reliable source of up-to-date local news and insightful analysis about digital finance.

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FinTech Rising

The digital revolution of financial services and money as they interact with internet-enabled, mobile, and massively data-based systems is highlighted by FinTechRising.


The dynamic, cloud-based innovation for digital financial services is powered by Envestnet, a top platform for data aggregation and analytics.

FinTech Collective

Every Saturday, the team’s weekly newsletter, FinTech Collective, is distributed. It includes an edited summary of international fintech news as well as some of our original research.

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