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With the Pandemic Driving Business Operations Online, Quartz Network Launches Q/N Solutions, An Exclusive B2B Buying Platform

With the Pandemic Driving Business Operations Online, Quartz Network Launches Q/N Solutions, An Exclusive B2B Buying Platform

Built by the seasoned team behind Quartz Events, invite-only executive conferences are now supplemented by the only algorithm-driven platform to connect senior decision-makers with the B2B solutions they need with a fraction of the effort

Quartz Network, an exclusive community of executives designed to support professional growth through simplified solution finding, peer-led education, and collaboration, announces today the launch of its platform for B2B solution buying, Q/N Solutions. Leveraging 15 years of success via its flagship offering, Quartz Events, Quartz Network is improving the B2B buying process by taking its solutions virtual for the first time, connecting executives with curated solutions that best suit their needs through a proprietary algorithm, and eliminating 75% of unnecessary process for both Quartz Network members and solutions providers.

As a result of the success of its original incarnation as Quartz Events, Quartz Network already has a robust core base of members, including Honeywell, General Mills, NASA and Twitter, that are employing Q/N Solutions.

“Q/N Solutions is exactly what we have been looking for,” says Sibei Mi, Head of Performance Marketing at Patreon. “Our marketing team’s time is more valuable than ever, and this platform has made it easy for us to explore and connect directly with relevant vendors, without being flooded with non-relevant options. Q/N Solutions is my go-to platform in searching for and connecting with the right marketing and technology solutions all in one place with just a few clicks. The platform will be a huge asset for us as Patreon continues to evolve and expand.”

The COVID-19 pandemic spurred an unprecedented uptick in demand for B2B solutions in various verticals–and there is no sign of slowing down. Demand for tech solutions alone surged over the past year, and the Gartner IT spending report forecasts an expected $4.1T in IT spend in 2021, an 8.4% increase from 2020.  However, as companies increasingly rely on B2B software to run their businesses and solutions providers are inundated with demand, the sales process has become more complicated than ever, forcing senior executives and managers to allocate time and resources to navigating meetings and other administrative tasks. Moreover, the complexities of B2B vendor partnerships have left executives feeling powerless and confused – Gartner reports 77% of buyers said their latest purchase was complex or difficult – often forcing them to abandon deals and never find the right solution their enterprise needs.

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Fueled by the pandemic-driven shift to fully virtual business operations across the globe, Quartz Network has already coordinated more than 30,000 meetings in the last nine months. This signals a disruption of the traditional B2B buying model through streamlined connections between senior managers & executives and the solutions they’re seeking.

Using an algorithm that takes into account a wealth of information — including matching solution categories of interest, specific challenges executives are looking to solve, industry vertical, company size, seniority of the executive, and other bespoke details — Quartz Network members and sponsors are seeing reduced bandwidth demands on senior-level decision makers, and minimized reliance on Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and impersonal intake forms that get lost in the shuffle. For providers, Quartz Network is able to put qualified, senior representatives in front of a high-value group of senior executives and managers to increase their sales prospects and shorten their sales cycles. On the buyer side, executives are guided through the process of meeting with a curated portfolio of potential vendors that best suit the dynamic needs of their organization without the hassle.

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“The current B2B buying process is broken, and the pandemic has only exacerbated this issue as businesses have struggled to sustain operations through such a catastrophic change,” says Toby Harris, CEO of Quartz Network. “Over-saturated digital markets have made it hard for senior executives and managers to connect with the right solutions providers and allot the necessary time to navigate the complex buying process. Quartz Network is revolutionizing executive buying by handling vetting, scheduling and other administrative tasks decision-makers don’t have time for, all on one virtual platform with the most elite executive members in the world. As virtual meetings continue to be part of the new status quo, we are excited to serve the mutual interests of executives and sponsors across the globe.”

Also available on the Quartz Network platform is Q/N Executive Library, a repository of hundreds of timely presentations from senior-level executives who want to share their expertise, including leaders from Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Zoom, and hundreds more. In addition, the platform provides direct access to Q/N Events, the traditional cross-vertical, industry-focused events hosted three times a year for senior managers and executives across organizations.

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