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Zip Unveils Product Advancements to Enhance User Experience and Improve Employee Adoption

Zip Unveils Product Advancements to Enhance User Experience and Improve Employee Adoption

Zip Enables Faster and More Seamless B2B Purchase Approvals With New One-click Approval Updates, Collaboration Features, Page View Options, Comments and Notification Features

Zip, the world’s leading intake-to-procure solution, announced new product advancements to streamline the user experience and accelerate employee adoption of the Zip platform. With new collaboration features, comment and notification functionality, page view options and one-click approval updates, spend approvers can more effectively communicate with stakeholders, find information and take action faster with fewer clicks. This enables faster and more seamless spend approvals while delivering an exceptional user experience that meets the unique needs of spend requesters, approvers and procurement stakeholders.

“Providing an exceptional user experience is fundamental to ensuring greater success and ROI for our customers,” said Rujul Zaparde, co-founder and CEO of Zip. “As the volume of purchase requests and the complexity of approval workflows continue to increase, businesses need solutions that their employees actually want to use. With our latest product advancements, we’re making it easier for businesses to bring consumer-grade experiences to the world of B2B purchasing.”

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  • One-click approval updates: Zip’s new one-click approval updates feature provides a greater level of detail into each specific spend request and approval within the review chain. This allows users to quickly reassign, change the status of or complete tasks with a single click within the review chain to streamline the approval process.
  • Request details: Admins can now customize relevant information needed for each approval and filter out potentially irrelevant information depending on their role and responsibilities. Only the most relevant information is displayed to the appropriate approver at exactly the right time.
  • Scrolling page tabs: Zip’s reimagined page tabs layout allows users to auto-scroll for more details all on a single page. This makes it easier for procurement teams to more quickly view any request detail, as well as continue to see the request summary and interact with comments.
  • Comments and notifications: All comments and comment notifications are centralized in the Zip collaboration hub to ensure approvers can more effectively communicate with requesters and stakeholders. Approvers can also host private conversations and customize their view of comments side-by-side with the approval stream.

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Modern User Experience Leads to Significant Time Savings, Improved Employee Adoption

Zip’s leading intake-to-procure platform brings an easy-to-use, consumer-grade user experience to the B2B purchasing process, enabling procurement teams to boost productivity, efficiency and ROI. The platform’s modern approach to user experience improves the adoption of procurement processes and can reduce spend request cycle time by more than 35%. By streamlining the purchasing processes, employees can more quickly deploy the software and services they need to do their jobs faster, leading to an improved employee experience.

While the majority of businesses have a uniform B2B purchasing process in place, many still struggle to drive adoption across their employee base. This can often result in employees bringing on new software outside of the proper channels, which carries significant business risk. Zip’s latest platform enhancements make it easier for procurement and finance leaders to track, manage and audit purchase requests, allowing for greater control and visibility into the B2B purchasing lifecycle. Finance, legal, IT and security teams can be engaged at exactly the right time to effectively manage spend approvals with coordinated input from all necessary stakeholders.

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