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360 Finance Selected in KPMG China’s Top 50 Fintech Companies

360 Finance Selected in KPMG China’s Top 50 Fintech Companies

KPMG China announced top 50 leading companies in Fintech, and 360 Finance, Inc., a leading digital consumer finance platform, awarded one of the top 50 companies of the year.

KPMG China Leading 50 Fintech Companies is an authoritative list which is devoted to promote Chinese fintech companies to be researching and learning examples in the worldwide. This list makes the application of the latest technology, financial model innovation, transformation to the traditional finance and improvement of financial efficiency as selection criteria.

Guided by these criteria, KPMG Leading 50 Fintech Companies selected the top 50 fintech companies of the year that can best reflect the core trends of Fintech industry.

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In the award ceremony, senior managements of the selected enterprises along with scholars in the fintech area launched discussions regarding the application and impact of AI in fintech, worldwide fintech innovation and cooperation, and tech-driven innovation in fintech.

Mr. Haisheng Wu, CEO of 360 Finance commented: “The top 50 leading fintech companies launched by KPMG has provided great opportunities for fintech companies in China to exchange information and learn from each other so as to strengthen cooperation in the future and jointly promote technological innovation.” In Mr. Haisheng Wu’s perspective, a more recent AI trend is to use its cognitive abilities to go through a large amount of unstructured text and data to generate more insights and to learn natural language.

Currently, technology has penetrated every aspect of financial services, which means that either fintech companies forced themselves to continuously innovate or be left behind.

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In this set of circumstances, 360 Finance has been focusing on technology research and development, and devoting to analyze big data to improve existing solutions and make better financial decisions.

Leveraged by cutting-edge technology, 360 Finance has empowered traditional finance institutions with various financial products and technical services, and now it is reportedly exploring what practices are needed for sustainable, client-oriented fintech innovation.

“Technology always has, and always will, spur innovation in finance, and it is our shared responsibility to create a safe, sound, sustainable and inclusive financial system, protected from criminal abuse,” Mr. Haisheng Wu added.

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