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Aktia Makes Google Pay Available to Its Customers

Aktia Makes Google Pay Available to Its Customers

Aktia expands its service range of mobile payments and makes Google Pay available to its customers 18th February. In the future, Aktia’s customers can turn their Android smart devices into payment instruments by starting to use Google Pay. The new payment methods are quickly gaining in popularity because according to the survey that Aktia had made, almost a third of Finns could give up using cash entirely.

Aktia’s customers can today 18th February start using Google Pay with their Android smart devices.

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“Our customers want us to provide safe, easy and uncomplicated payment solutions irrespective of which brand of smart device they use. That is why it is great to make Google Pay a part of our existing service range and in that way expand our range of payment solutions for Android devices”, says Alexhander Törnqvist, Aktia’s Head of Digital Services.

Aktia’s customers can use Google Pay service to pay on terminals that accept contactless payments and in applications and online stores. Via Google Pay you can make purchases by connecting a debit or credit card to the application. In addition, Google Pay works with the help of a secured and encrypted virtual card number so the customer’s actual card information stays secure.

Almost one fourth of Finns has tried paying with their smart phone

Mobile payments is a faster, more secure and easier way to pay than traditional card payments. The Finns have already started to use the new ways of payment: According to the survey Aktia had made, almost 50% of purchases are paid with contactless payment and 23% of Finns have paid their purchases with a smart phone. At the same time, almost a third of Finns would be ready to give up using cash.

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“Mobile payments are becoming their own payment system as mobile technologies develop. They will gain in popularity in the next coming years, and according to our survey, 16% is going to start using mobile payment this year, but there is even more potential. The popularity of new digital solutions can increase very quickly, and we naturally want to be at the forefront of answering this need”, says Törnqvist.

Aktia wants to continuously provide its customers with new and high-quality digital payment solutions and to be a pioneer in payments and in introducing new mobile solutions. Last year, Aktia was the first Finnish bank to introduce a completely digital and mobile credit card, Aktia Digital Gold Credit, which can be connected with all the solutions for mobile payments that Aktia provides.

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