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Berkeley Payments Launches DirectSend Service Enabling Businesses to Transfer Funds in Real-Time

Berkeley Payments Launches DirectSend Service Enabling Businesses to Transfer Funds in Real-Time

DirectSend Allows Businesses to Facilitate Immediate Transfers Directly to a Recipient’s Bank Account or Credit Card

Berkeley Payments, a leading global payments solution provider, announced the launch of DirectSend, an innovative payments platform that enables frictionless, real-time transfers. Berkeley is also the first company in Canada to provide 3D Secure 2.0 for money transfer transactions.

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“This new service offering is coupled with advanced technology that is unmatched on the market today,” said Jonathon Hamburg, CEO and Founder of Berkeley Payments. “We are thrilled to make this available to businesses on a global scale and have already received wildly positive reviews and feedback from our clients who are currently using the service.”

DirectSend can be customized with a bespoke platform or fully integrated into a business’ existing system and delivers low cost, real-time, business disbursements, peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers and B2B supplier payments to fit all business needs. Additionally, the service will provide new debt repayment and collections solutions and real time loading of prepaid cards directly from consumer bank accounts.

DirectSend, which is currently available in Canada and will launch in the US in the late spring, is faster than ACH, cheque and prepaid options. Through this service, payments of any monetary amount can be instituted in less than three seconds.

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