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ChartIQ Debuts Finsemble 4.0 to Advance Application Interoperability in Finance

ChartIQ Drives Derivative Trading Floors Towards Innovation

With Advanced Application Management, Improved User Experience and Adherence to FDC3, Finsemble 4.0 Leads the Smart Desktop Space

ChartIQ, a financial technology company that delivers software to help the finance world work smarter, introduced Finsemble 4.0, the latest release of the company’s desktop integration platform. The product makes significant improvements in efficiency and workflows for financial businesses by connecting the huge number of applications used within an organization into one holistic desktop experience.

Finsemble 4.0 includes significant updates from its previous version, making it the most comprehensive and forward-looking integration platform in the smart desktop space. New features include advanced application management, an improved user experience, and adherence to Financial Desktop Connectivity and Collaboration Consortium (FDC3) standards.

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The new FDC3 standards define specifications which allow applications to easily communicate with one another for improved workflows, integration project cost-savings, and ultimately the ability to use a wide range of best-of-breed applications so that end-users can work more efficiently. Finsemble 4.0 not only adheres to these standards, but in many instances extends them in areas such as search specification.

Dan Schleifer, CEO of ChartIQ, commented, “Many organizations don’t realize that the way they are working just isn’t working. Within the finance industry alone, end-users are using dozens, often hundreds of different applications that do not easily connect or communicate with each other. This is a huge waste of time and money, not to mention a barrier to innovation.”

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