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DCI Onboards GoDeposits for BaaS Bank

DCI Onboards GoDeposits for BaaS Bank

For 60 years, DCI, the privately-owned developer of core processing, digital banking, and Fintech processing solutions, has dedicated itself to the aggressive pursuit of the future. Through new technology releases, innovations, updates, and vendor integration, DCI continues to deliver the products and services which prove financially advantageous to BaaS banks and traditional processing institutions alike. The market onboarding of GoDeposits, a shining star for DCI banks, is further proof of this commitment.

By successfully eliminating the need for middleware, GoDeposits eradicates the need for Fintechs and financial institutions to work around the core processor. Today, DCI’s partners are empowered to track transactions through DCI, ruling out the once-essential demand for third-party involvement. No friction in the 90-second application, 100% compliance, all KYC, options for funding, and multi-branding—all through one instance of core and no middleware.

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This level of cost savings for Fintechs and income opportunities for banks is simply unprecedented. While most have only theorized about such a triumph, DCI got to work in the market, actualizing this vision. Through tried-and-true products and services, experienced staff, and a financially sound company, DCI has once again moved the needle for community banks seeking a forward-looking, customer-driven partner.

DCI’s President and CEO Sarah Fankhauser shares her excitement for this breakthrough, saying, “I couldn’t be prouder of DCI and of our employees’ ability to work together, continuously striving for excellence in the marketplace. DCI has been around for 60 years, but we have never stood still. As a community bank processor, we’re fighting every day to save community banks and offer them the products and services necessary to compete with the big banks.”

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Unlike its competitors, DCI shares no interest in reinventing old products, infusing VC money, or taking a product off the block to regroup, all while advertising something absent from the market itself. Instead, DCI’s focus remains directed toward action, innovation, and ahead-of-the-curve achievement intended to best serve its customers.

“There is no group of developers moving at warp speed like the DCI development team,” says Tanna Faulkner, Senior Vice President of Digital Channels and Sales. “We are not getting to the future in banking, DCI is there. Now, watch us grow.”

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