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Desty, the new digital bank of Banese, is powered by Technisys to support financial inclusion

Desty, the new digital bank of Banese, is powered by Technisys to support financial inclusion
The initiative is considered to be a pioneer among the state public banks of Brazil and aims to monitor market changes and help meet consumer needs to support financial inclusion in the country.

The Banese Group introduces a new digital bank, Desty, to the Brazilian market. This launch was made possible with the support of Technisys, a strategic technology partner that provides a proven, next-gen digital banking platform. With this latest development, the Banese Group offers new financial products and services to a targeted market segment that does not have ready access to mainstream financial services.

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Desty is designed to help Brazilian consumers within classes C and D, as well as small-medium business entrepreneurs – providing educational services that enable financial wellness, whether to manage the family budget, realize a retirement goal or boost business growth.

Among Brazil’s five-state public banks, the Banese Group is the first to launch a digital bank in the market. Desty’s digital DNA delivers a humanized and inclusive customer experience, while providing financial support to those who do not have easy access to traditional banks. “Our new digital platform expands financial inclusion. We are digital, but not impersonal, and we want to reflect this DNA of human warmth and inclusion with the new digital bank,” says Jumara Mendonça, the Superintendent of Digital Business at Banese.

With more than 60 years of solid performance in the Sergipe market (the state of Brazil, located in the Northeast region), Banese has always sought to break traditional concepts and proactively meet market growth. Partnering with Technisys was important for building a robust, modular, scalable, and secure digital ecosystem.

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Desty features a mobile-based platform – inspired by social networks and based on leading-edge iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) capabilities – to deliver a consistent and reliable mobile experience. The newly formed digital bank offers customers an intuitive, practical, easy-to-navigate, and secure digital experience. Banese currently serves more than 800,000 customers in Sergipe state and is expected to expand to other Brazilian states and expects to reach 5 million users within the next five years.

The purpose of the new digital bank is to add, not replace, current Banese’s services, supporting the bank’s growth and geographic expansion. I believe that we will have a stronger institution that can create more job openings and income for the country,” said Luciano Passo, the Director of Strategic Management and Technology at Banese.

Desty’s project implementation started in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Regardless, the Banese Group and Technisys teams successfully managed an aggressive schedule, even as teams worked   entirely remotely. In addition, during the project, it was necessary to work on new business requirements, such as the adaptation to regulatory demands and emergency credit programs due to the pandemic.

“Cyberbank – the banking platform implemented in Banese – is designed to align technology with the specific needs of each business line with agility and scalability. We are a cloud-native, API-centric platform with open banking capabilities, enabling financial institutions to develop robust, digital-first applications and services – in real-time – to meet ever-changing market needs,” added German Pugliese-Bassi, Co-Founder and CMO of Technisys.

With Desty, the Banese Group is able to deliver tailored digital experiences, establishing itself as one of the most innovative government financial institutions in Brazil.

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