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A New Tool That Enables Users to Finance Invoices in Just Two Clicks

A New Tool That Enables Users to Finance Invoices in Just Two Clicks

Hopscotch, a first-of-its-kind payments platform designed for the freelancer & small business community, announced an expansion of its feature set with a new tool that enables users to finance invoices in just two clicks.

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“The odds are stacked against small businesses, but we’re still betting on them”

In addition to instant, fee-free payments, Hopscotch now offers a way for businesses to unlock revenue from unpaid invoices and get paid on demand with Flow. Hopscotch Flow is a revolutionary product that empowers freelancers and small businesses to avoid gaps in cash flow, stay flexible, and make better in-the-moment decisions for themselves and their business.

Hopscotch Flow is hitting the market at a time when small businesses drive nearly half of the economic activity in the country. More than 4.4 million new businesses were created in the wake of the pandemic—the highest total on record ever. Today that growing community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, and startup founders is looking for custom-built financial tools and resources. And yet, small businesses remain largely underserved by banks and legacy payment platforms.

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Predatory transaction fees (on some platforms up to 3.5%!) gobble up revenue and long processing times create undue strain. On top of that, unpredictable payment cycles make it hard for many small businesses and freelancers to effectively manage their cash flow. Those factors can be a serious problem for small businesses—in fact, cash flow issues are the #1 reason they fail. Hopscotch Flow is designed to help more freelancers & small businesses weather lean times and find long-term success.

“The odds are stacked against small businesses, but we’re still betting on them,” says Hopscotch CEO Reed Switzer. “Hopscotch Flow has been our most requested feature; with it, our payment ecosystem gives our users a high level of flexibility and control in managing their cash flow. Flow is our first step into credit products and we’re confident it’s going to be a valuable resource to traditionally underserved freelancers and small businesses.”

Privacy Guaranteed
Hopscotch Flow is a private financial tool. This product places the power of financial security squarely in the hands of the payee, with zero risk of damaging professional relationships or appearances. The payor won’t be notified at any point in the process, and you can get paid on your own terms.

No Credit Check
Hopscotch Flow doesn’t require a credit check, so your credit won’t get dinged if you choose to unlock payment. Avoid the high fees and strict repayment terms that come with traditional business loans.

On-Demand Funding
This is the closest that money gets to growing on trees. Hopscotch Flow gives you immediate access to capital so you can make payroll, reinvest in your business, or cover other critical expenses.

Peace of Mind
If your client’s payment is late due to cash flow or other issues, we’ll manage. No strings attached.

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