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Affirmity Launches Cloud-Based Version of PayStat Pay Equity Analysis Software

Affirmity Launches Cloud-Based Version of PayStat Pay Equity Analysis Software
Software as a Service (SaaS) update to popular PayStat® tool now available.

Affirmity, a market leader in providing software and solutions in the workforce compliance and DE&I space, has launched a significant cloud-based overhaul of its popular PayStat® tool.

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As local, state, and federal governments, and other legal bodies in the US and abroad, continue to turn their attention to wage gap issues, organizations are searching for ways to insulate themselves from potential wage discrimination lawsuits. They may also have to demonstrate to existing and prospective employees their commitment to equitable pay. Affirmity’s PayStat tool helps organizations conduct pay equity studies to assess pay rates within their organization and identify any gender- and race-related differences in pay.

The cloud-based update to PayStat has enhanced features and functionality, integrating its powerful analysis capabilities with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that guides users through the entire process. Once the analysis is complete, the software provides the user with clear and meaningful insights through graphical and tabular results that identify areas requiring further attention.

“PayStat offers invaluable insight through its range of robust statistical tests designed to help you respond quickly to requests for compensation-related information,” said Allen Appleby, Manager, Product Management at Affirmity. “We’re excited to bring this updated, cloud-enabled version of PayStat to the market, and look forward to demonstrating an intuitive approach to determining fair pay in the workplace.”

Anyone interested in learning more about PayStat is encouraged to click here to request a demo.

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Affirmity’s PayStat® software is an advanced compensation analysis tool that helps organizations study discrepancies in compensation between men and women—or minorities and non-minorities—in their employee population. PayStat is designed specifically for pay equity analysis and offers step-by-step progression through the various OFCCP tests. It also helps organizations create pay equity studies of current and past pay decisions.

Key features include:

  • Statistical analysis methods such as regression analysis, t-tests, rank sum analysis, and pay gap analysis
  • OFCCP-style tests
  • A pay difference estimator that recommends adjustments based on test result data
  • Integration with Affirmity’s secure Unified SaaS Platform, allowing CAAMS® and AAPlanner® software users to leverage existing data and import files
  • The ability to prepare and deliver pay equity studies for multiple clients. The platform features individual workspace and per-client user security access, ideal for law firms and consultants

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