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BOSS Revolution Money Transfer Accelerates Network Expansion Through Partnership with TerraPay

BOSS Revolution Money Transfer Accelerates Network Expansion Through Partnership with TerraPay

TerraPay, an international payments infrastructure company, announced its partnership with BOSS Revolution Money Transfer, the international money transfer service of IDT Corporation to provide BOSS Revolution customers with new money transfer destinations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe . BOSS Revolution has already started offering transparent and secure money transfers to mobile wallets in Senegal and Benin through TerraPay.

Regarding the partnership, Ani Sane , Co-Founder and Commercial Director of TerraPay, said: “Our exciting partnership with BOSS Revolution will allow US customers to connect with family and friends around the world, starting with the mobile wallets of the Senegal and Benin, while developing the footprint of the two companies. This collaboration is another example of the impact of our interoperable digital payment network across regions. We promote better access to financial services globally for all of our partners and clients. ”

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“Our US customers can now send money to friends and family in Senegal, Benin and 36 other countries, through more than 309,000 payment points. We are excited to partner with TerraPay to open new corridors and focus on real-time money transfer options by leveraging their extensive platform, ”said Alfredo O’Hagan , senior vice president of payments at IDT consumers.

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With international money transfers at the center of its business, TerraPay sets out to create unified payment pathways for businesses and merchants around the world. The company’s intention is to strengthen and deliver value-added services on its digital global network. As a B2B company, TerraPay connects multiple and diverse instruments and payment methods, with a unique API integration: over 4 billion bank accounts, over 500 million mobile wallets and a large and diverse merchant ecosystem. covering 79 receiving countries and 153 sending countries. TerraPay’s payment channels deepen its engagement by adding more participants to a financial ecosystem.

BOSS Revolution’s money transfer service is easily accessible through the BOSS Revolution Money app and its nationwide network of retailers. New users of the app (free on the App Store  and Google Play ) do not pay a fee for any transfer up to $ 300 . The BOSS Revolution money transfer service is also available online  or at any BOSS Revolution Money retailer .

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