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CoinsPaid Introduces Crypto Payments for Mirai Flights, Revenue Increases by 30%

CoinsPaid Introduces Crypto Payments for Mirai Flights, Revenue Increases by 30%

CoinsPaid, the largest crypto payment ecosystem worldwide, has partnered with Mirai Flights, a UK-based company that provides private charter services in Europe and the Middle East. The partnership allows travelers to book their flights using cryptocurrencies. With Mirai Flights integrating the seamless crypto payment solution CryptoProcessing by CoinsPaid, the company’s revenue increased by 30%.

CoinsPaid is the leading crypto payment ecosystem with a product line for any audience: from individual clients to businesses. Its payment gateway allows to smoothly integrate payments in over 20 cryptocurrencies and instantly convert them into more than 40 fiat ones.

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Their partner, Mirai Flights, specializes in connecting clients to private jets, offering a suitable time and place of departure with an option of one-click payment of up to €300,000. Using crypto as a means of payment, Mirai Flights saves from 40% to 75% in fees, compared to traditional bank card payments. 10% of Mirai Flights customers have already booked flights with crypto using the payment gateway by CoinsPaid.

“We are excited to be part of Mirai Flights’ step into the new and revolutionary world of cryptocurrency. The partnership will make booking your business or pleasure flights easier and more convenient than ever. Thanks to the CryptoProcessing payment gateway, Mirai Flights clients can choose to pay in crypto. We are proud to work with innovators in the flight booking space such as Mirai Flights,” – said Max Krupyshev, Co-Founder and Leader at CoinsPaid.

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Mirai Flights has quickly established itself as a visionary leader in the sector by supporting crypto —since banks cannot satisfy the business need for swiftness, Mirai Flights was looking for a convenient payment option via crypto.

“We wanted to make booking a private jet as seamless as possible for our clients. Over 20% of them book flights for the same day or the next day’s departure, which requires a fast confirmation of payment within minutes. That is why we opted for CryptoProcessing by CoinsPaid, one of the leading and fastest crypto payment gateways in the market. We can now confirm payment within minutes, and allow our customers time to put together other traveling amenities. We have already seen extensive interest in crypto payments from our clients, and we expect it to grow in the future,” – added Evgeny Chuprov, Co-Founder of Mirai Flights.

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