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Esker and Corpay Team Up To Offer Business Payments

Esker and Corpay Team Up To Offer Business Payments
Partnership enables Corpay payment via Esker Pay integrated into Esker’s automation solutions

Esker, a global cloud platform and leader in AI-driven process automation solutions for finance and customer service functions, announced a strategic partnership with Corpay1, a leading AP payment solutions provider, to integrate additional business payment options within Esker’s automation solutions.

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“Our partnership with Esker furthers our goal to equip businesses with scalable payment technology customized for unique needs.”

Esker customers can now seamlessly leverage Corpay solutions to pay suppliers with Esker Pay, a comprehensive set of payment capabilities and strategic fintech partnerships all within a single platform. Esker Pay is fully integrated with Esker’s Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash solution suites so businesses can eliminate manual, complex and inefficient processes to seamlessly manage cash flow.

“Corpay’s solutions are a natural fit for Esker and its customers,” says Emmanuel Olivier, Esker Worldwide COO. “We align with Corpay’s values of securely and efficiently operating across multiple industries, to best support our customers and the overarching business ecosystem.”

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Corpay solutions available through Esker Pay include payment automation, commercial card, virtual card, cross-border payments and travel and expense cards. Corpay is the leading large-market commercial issuer of Mastercard in the US2 with more than 850 thousand vendors within the Corpay network.

“At Corpay, we are committed to delivering value to companies by streamlining their AP processes,” says Byron Biggins, SVP of Strategic Partnerships for Corpay. “Our partnership with Esker furthers our goal to equip businesses with scalable payment technology customized for unique needs.”

Corpay’s bank-agnostic technology provides greater flexibility with treasury relationships without disruption to organizational programs. Esker’s 35+ years of experience in ERP integrations enable cohesive automation across entire organizations regardless of legacy systems inherited from mergers and acquisitions.

“As Esker continues to make these strategic partnerships, we always make sure to keep our customers front of mind,” says Steve Smith, Esker U.S. COO. “This partnership provides greater access to payment options so our customers can build positive-sum growth amongst their company, employees, customers and suppliers.”

Esker welcomes Corpay to join their roster of strategic Fintech partnerships included in its new Esker Pay offering.

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