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Genome Virtual Cards Are Now Google Pay Compatible

Genome Virtual Cards Are Now Google Pay Compatible

Genome (UAB Maneuver), a Lithuania-based electronic money institution, provides Google Pay services on its virtual cards. The quick and essential feature for contactless payments is available for personal and corporate cards owners.

Genome has introduced its virtual cards and physical Visa cards at the end of 2021 to extend its financial services to more people. Virtual cards exist exclusively inside the Genome portal, meaning they can’t be stolen or used by third parties. The card data is solidly protected behind two-factor authentication and sophisticated anti-fraud tools.

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Genome’s virtual cards were developed as a swift, plastic-free alternative to physical debit cards used for online purchases. Google Pay allows the cards to increase the payment range significantly. The EMI clients can now use them at any store, restaurant, or other institution with contactless payment terminals.

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“Google Pay services on our virtual cards allow Genome to be one step closer to our longtime goal of providing our clients with safe, contactless payments. Digitalization of financial services was boosted significantly by the pandemic, and we are ready for the challenges it brings. Not only do we provide services completely online, but offer clients virtual cards equipped for seamless online and offline payments”, explained Genome’s CEO Daumantas Barauskas.

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