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Global Money Management Service Provider Blackcatcard is Launching Its Services in the European Market

Global Money Management Service Provider Blackcatcard is Launching Its Services in the European Market

Blackcatcard is a money management service created with the goal of providing a state-of-the-art payments’ product for a global audience, without the limitation of jurisdictions.

The platform offers digital and physical Mastercard payment cards that can be accepted at any ATM or payment terminal that works with Mastercard. Each card is tied to a dedicated Euro IBAN account that is created for corporate and private users immediately upon completing a simple registration process. The creation of the account, the virtual and plastic cards, as well as card maintenance come free of charge for individuals.

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Blackcatcard also provides an online payments’ solution for users to store their funds and an app to manage all cards, accounts and services. Card holders can not only store and transfer money between each other without any limitations or commissions, but also earn money via cashback and bonus programs.

These include an annual 2.2% interest program on your holdings, 0.1% cashback on all card purchases and a profitable referral program. All bonuses are credited as cash and are delivered to customers’ accounts, which means that the customers can spend this money as they wish. Also the upcoming projects will be available soon, including the 5% cashback at the Play Market and 2% cashback at Amazon. The bonus payments system is part of the loyalty program provided by the partner FINTECH ASSETS OÜ.

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As a fun extra service Blackcatcard also offers cards with a nickname printed on them instead of the holder’s actual name. And there is also a Blackcatcard KIDS service for parents who want to give a card to their children. It comes with bright designs and has security options for adult oversight.

In addition to traditional fiat services, Blackcatcard offers cryptocurrency services as well. This service is rendered by a partner company DigiNord OÜ and is integrated into Blackcatcard. You can buy, sell, exchange, store and transact in a variety of cryptocurrencies. The crypto transfers between the Blackcatcard users do not have fees and limits. Due to the integration of the hot wallet into the same app as the IBAN account, the security standards meet the highest levels of regulation. It also cancels risks of losing passwords for the crypto wallet and does not require additional AML compliance for crypto transactions.

It is a modern-day solution for a modern society – freelancers, digital nomads, internet entrepreneurs, immigrants, students, travellers, people not covered by classic banking, and many others will find Blackcatcard’s services to be of great use in their daily lives.

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