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Kpay Launches Mongolia’s First Cryptocurrency For Seamless Cross-border Payments

Kpay Launches Mongolia's First Cryptocurrency For Seamless Cross-border Payments

 With the growth in the online payment industry, the internet and technology has continued to improve the very existence of our living. Payment giants like PayPal, Skrill, WeChat AliPay, and Stripe offer seamless cross-border payment services across different countries. As good as this may sound, these payment gateways have also denied so many countries from accessing their services, including Mongolia.

Most Mongolians are left with the option of using traditional banks and financial institutions to make international payments. However, in a bid to liberate Mongolians so that they can enjoy seamless cross-border payments, the team at Kpay is pleased to announce the introduction of Khaan Coin to the crypto community. Khaan Coin is Mongolia’s First cryptocurrency to hit the crypto space.

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Khaan Coin (KCOIN)

Khaan Coin, with the symbol KHN, is Mongolia’s First cryptocurrency. It is the native token or currency of the Kpay ecosystem. Kpay users can use this token to purchase goods and services on the Kpay platform. They can also use the token to pay for their transaction fees and get a discount.

KCOIN is projected to deliver maximum value in Magnolia, as payment giants like PayPal, Skrill, WeChat, AliPay and Stripe do not work in the state. What’s more? Users can use KCOIN to facilitate cross-border payments in real-time.

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Why Khaan coin?

When it comes to online payment services in Mongolia, Kpay is second to none. Kpay relies on Khaan Coin to help digital entrepreneurs to send and receive cross-border payments.

Khaan Coin is designed and developed based on Binance’s BEP20 protocol, which means transaction fees on the network will be very low compared to other online payment services. Below are the reasons you should consider using Khaan Coin for your cross-border transactions:

Low Transaction Fees

Compared to traditional banks and other financial institutions, transactions on the Khaan Coin come at a low cost. Banks usually charge all manners of fees, ranging from VAT, maintenance fees, and operational fees. But on the Kpay ecosystem, you don’t get to pay any of these fees.

Fast Transaction

Instead of waiting for days for your bank to transfer funds from your account to pay your suppliers, contractors, and freelancers, you can use Khaan Coin to facilitate fast transactions. All payments on the Kpay platform are instant without any delays.

Crypto Payment

Khaan Coin guarantees smooth crypto payment. If you are a crypto trader, once Khaan Coin launches on an exchange, you will have the opportunity to trade Khaan Coin for profits. You will also be able to stake and farm this token to generate passive income.

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