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Mediacube to Increase Advance Payments to YouTube Creators 400% in 2023

Mediacube to Increase Advance Payments to YouTube Creators 400% in 2023

Largest Global YouTube CSP Launches U.S. General Availability of “Advance Payments” For Creators of all Sizes, With Advances Starting as Low as $100

Mediacube, a global YouTube Creator Service Provider (CSP) powering specialized services designed for creators by creators, announced that it will increase advance payments to YouTube creators by 400 percent in 2023 through its pioneering MC Pay product. While select US creators utilizing MC Pay have been able to access the Advance Payments feature in 2022, today Mediacube is opening enrollment to qualified creators nationwide who are generating advertising revenue on either YouTube or YouTube Shorts.

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Founded by media and content producers who grew an expansive content network, Mediacube works with creators of all sizes, but uniquely meets the needs of the burgeoning small to mid-size creator segment that represents the vast majority of view generation across YouTube channels to help them better monetize their own content. With advances ranging from $100 up to $1 000,000, Mediacube is supporting rising stars in the rapidly growing creator economy with much needed alternative assistance and robust payments management, as many creators direct up to 90 percent of their income into producing new content. These creators often lack the financial profile to qualify for credit lines or credit cards from traditional banks and issuers, so Mediacube fills this void by applying its deep creator economy expertise to confidently determine YouTube advertising income – empowering creators to gain immediate access to their earnings, which they otherwise would need to wait weeks or months to receive.

MC Pay is a fintech solution that Mediacube developed from nearly a decade of experience in the creator economy and understanding exactly what upstart creators really need – simple, fast access to their earnings and in the payment method they prefer. Creators utilizing Mediacube MC Pay reached over 200 billion views in 2022. Ultimately, MC Pay is a management platform, available via web and mobile app, that allows YouTube creators to get paid and manage their earnings as efficiently as possible.

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“Today, companies that buy video back catalogs partner with only the highest earning creators, making the rich even richer, which is why Mediacube is focused on small and medium-sized creators – which happen to represent vastly higher total cumulative views. And most importantly, creators need not give up their rights to their YouTube content to access Advance Payments, and can continue to generate income from their content libraries,” said Michael Bychenok, Founder and CEO of Mediacube. “We’re giving advances to significantly more channels, in smaller amounts starting from $100, to help develop a broad variety of mainstream and niche content, alike. This not only creates healthy conditions for creator growth, it also helps to satisfy the ever-growing demand for content of all sorts by YouTube viewers.”

Using proprietary analytics tools, Mediacube is able to accurately determine the daily earning potential of creators to predict future income and then offer advances with individualized borrowing and repayment terms. In order to be eligible for advances, creators’ channels are also assessed on compliance of videos within the rules of the community (no demonetization), frequency of posting content, and quality. Mediacube is committed to transparency of all fees for creators accessing Advance Payments.

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