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New Payment Card Tech Innovations Unveiled By CompoSecure

CompoSecure, Inc. which is into metal payment cards, security and authentication solutions, proudly unveiled a new tech for consumer wallets as a gift for 2023.

From metal credit cards that have a light-up LED when an exchange is endorsed at retail location to the tokenization of an payment card for validation, the upcoming premium metal payment cards can be more brilliant and sleeker than any time in recent memory with thoughts and looks from the CompoSecure Development Lab.CompoSecure has given advancement innovation in metal payment card plan for quite a long time. As of January 2023, the Organization had in excess of 55 U.S. also, foreign licenses gave and around 30 U.S. what’s more, foreign patent applications forthcoming.

Arculus™ – CompoSecure’s Arculus technology can also transform a metal card into a multifunctional device to support both payments and to act as a ‘tap-to-authenticate’ hardware key allowing for passwordless and hardware-based multi-factor authentication (MFA).

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LED Card – CompoSecure is already in pilot with an LED metal payment card. This unique card features the issuing bank logo on the face of the card, lighting up with LEDs when a contactless transaction is initiated at the point of sale. This card is expected to be available this year.

Echo Mirror™ Card – CompoSecure created a buffed stainless-steel payment card with a mirror-like finish. Protecting this card is a newly developed coating, providing scratch-resistant protection to maintain the beauty of the mirror finish.

Lux Glass™ Card – The card is durable enough for heavy use (e.g., it can be dropped, stepped on, sat on, spilled on and forgotten in the laundry, just like other cards), but it also has an elegant look and feel. This card design is expected to ship in the first half of the year.

Dynamic CVV – CompoSecure is now able to add dynamic CVV technology to metal cards. This security feature converts the 3-digit CVV code from a static number printed on the back of the card to one on a tiny e-ink screen that refreshes periodically.

“Driving innovation means taking risks, pushing boundaries, and constantly striving for improvement. It requires a willingness to think outside the box and a determination to stay ahead of the competition. But most importantly, it requires a relentless focus on the needs of the customer and a drive to create value that will last for years to come,” said Jon Wilk, President and CEO of CompoSecure. “We are excited to introduce several new form factors as our partners continually seek elegant payment cards that deliver distinct experiences, enable brand differentiation, and enhance security.”

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