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On G20 Eve, Paytm Launches Card Soundbox

On G20 Eve, Paytm Launches Card Soundbox

Card Soundbox by Paytm

The release of a newest product, Card Soundbox, was just announced. The ability to collect mobile and card payments from customers using the Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and RuPay networks through our recognizable Soundbox with ‘tap and pay’ will allow merchants to expand their operations and grow their businesses.

Paytm Soundbox, which uses audio confirmations, was the first of its kind in India and revolutionized in-store payments. With 82 Lakh devices deployed, including Paytm Soundbox and Card Machines, we remain the market leader in in-store payments because to our dedication to technology-driven innovation. With Paytm Card Soundbox, we’re bringing even more ease to businesses after the recent successful launches of Paytm Pocket Soundbox and Paytm Music Soundbox.

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Features at a glance

By integrating card payments and quick audio notifications, Paytm Card Soundbox helps businesses in two ways. Our revolutionary technology, which combines Soundbox with NFC or contactless debit/credit card payments with mobile payments, will revolutionize in-store purchases once it is released. Our innovative new Soundbox uses an LCD screen to give both the retailer and the customer a visual and audible confirmation of the transaction.

Integrated ‘tap and pay’ capabilities

Merchants can take card payments in the amount of 5,000 or less with the use of Paytm Card Soundbox and its integrated ‘tap and pay’ capabilities. The device, which was manufactured in India, uses 4G connectivity to send out instantaneous payment alerts. The Paytm Card Soundbox is a speaker that boosts the sound quality of payment notifications to 4W. It can go without charging for up to five days. Our device is multilingual, with alerts available in 11 languages, selectable by the retailer via the Paytm for Business app. In addition, those whose smartphones support near-field communication (NFC) can use the tap feature to pay using Paytm Card Soundbox.

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