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Opus Unveils Paysemble: A Revolutionary Payment Integration Framework

Opus Unveils Paysemble: A Revolutionary Payment Integration Framework

Opus Technologies, a global payment technology provider, proudly launches Paysemble, setting a new standard in payment integration with its revolutionary framework.

Opus Technologies, a pioneer in financial technology solutions, announces the launch of Paysemble, a cutting-edge payment integration framework designed to revolutionize the way financial institutions (FI) streamline their operations.

Paysemble represents a significant leap forward in the realm of payment integration, offering FIs a powerful and flexible solution to overcome the challenges of traditional payment systems. With its suite of accelerators, Paysemble™ empowers FIs to simplify technology adoption, migration, and integration, ensuring seamless operations in an ever-evolving landscape.

“Customers today expect a seamless and intuitive payment experience. This puts pressure on financial institutions (FI) to constantly innovate and develop new ways to deliver products and services. Continuous product development and testing consume a large volume of resources, hindering the FI’s ability to focus on business growth. We crafted Paysemble™, a suite of solution accelerators that enables a powerful and flexible payment integration framework that helps achieve Seamless Integration and Faster Deployment of Payment Solutions”, says Opus CEO, Praveen TM.

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Opus Technologies has meticulously crafted Paysemble™ with a deep understanding of the industry and the challenges faced by banks and financial institutions. The platform integrates three distinct layers – message translator, workflow orchestrator, and interface module – configurable to support various use cases, including real-time payments, retail payments, and cross-border transactions. Preset workflows ensure smooth data exchange, compliance, and security for each use case.

Built on cloud and microservices architecture, Paysemble™ seamlessly integrates into existing IT infrastructure, enabling faster solution delivery and unprecedented operational efficiency.

Opus Technologies is a global provider of outcome-driven payment strategies. Opus combines its deep technology proficiency with unmatched domain expertise in payments and FinTech to deliver unparalleled quality and value in its work.

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