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PAX Technology Introduces IM10 With Rise Of QR Code & Contactless Payments

PAX Technology Introduces IM10 With Rise Of QR Code & Contactless Payments

With the rise in consumer demand for touchless payment options, PAX Technology is excited to introduce the IM10. The IM10 is the newest unattended payment device in the IM Series that will continue to support the demand of QR and other contactless payments

In the last year alone, there has been a greater push for more touchless experiences through use of QR codes and NFC contactless payments. PAX Technology is excited to introduce the IM10, the newest unattended payment device, that will continue to drive the usage of QR codes and contactless payments in any touchless environment.

The IM10 is the latest addition to the IM Series, which are all-in-one payment devices with a small footprint. The IM10 distinguishes itself with its QR code scanner ergonomically placed below the 2.8” display screen with integrated NFC contactless reader, acting as a full-fledged standalone payment device that can also be integrated into larger systems such as kiosks and vending.

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The flexible IM10 design supports either a full integration (via POS) or semi-integration payment processing model. Semi-integration via either the cloud or direct to processor communication (via tethered cable) is supported. The in-device semi-integrated payment application supports point-to point encryption and is EMV level 3 certified with all major US processors.

Mobile payments can mean convenience in one location. While NFC contactless payments have grown in acceptance and usage, QR codes are still emerging within the North American market. QR codes give customers the full advantage and convenience of combining their loyalty app as well as their payment method in one platform. Not to mention, QR codes often mean more savings for the merchant looking to offer flexible payment methods. The IM10 caters to a variety of small to medium businesses, and even some of the large QR code adopters, such as Starbucks, with one goal it’s designed to meet: convenience and mobility for a world driving towards QR codes.

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“Merchants can benefit greatly from the dedicated QR-code scanning component of the IM10, that other merchants have already benefitted from moving towards a closed-loop system versus having to get costly features such as EMV,” says Tony Fernandez, VP of Product Marketing. “Merchants have more power when they can control their own routing, and the IM10 is a clear choice when it comes to which payment device is right.”

Carrying a rating of IP56 and IK08, the IM10’s durability allows for low-value, high-volume transactions found in public spaces such as vending machines, public transportation ticketing machines, parking, carwashes, laundromats and more. The IM10’s separate QR-scanning area is ergonomically designed for quick payments via QR codes, scanning tickets, authorizing entry, and other various scanning use-cases.

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