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Rediker Software Announces Improved Integrated Payment Processing Services for K – 12 Schools

Rediker Software Announces Improved Integrated Payment Processing Services for K – 12 Schools

Rediker’s integrated Payment Services provides a simple, secure solution for faster and easier payment processing

Rediker Software is proud to announce an improved integrated payment processing service that delivers faster payment processing to save schools money and drive better value. With lower and more competitive rates, and no processing or transaction fees, Rediker Software’s Payment Services offers consolidated reporting across multiple products, including AdminPlus Online Forms, AdmissionsPlus and RediSite school websites.

Rediker’s payment processing service is now highly competitive with other payment solutions as we’ve cut our credit card and e-check rates up to 45%. And any monthly or per-transaction fees previously incurred from payment providers have been eliminated allowing schools to pass these fees to parents in AdminPlus Online Forms and AdmissionsPlus.

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With improved consolidated reporting, Rediker provides a detailed, consolidated report with each deposit to the school’s account across multiple products. A breakdown of transactions processed, funds deposited and fees assessed are provided to improve the payment reconciliation process.

The improved payment processing service is integrated with Rediker’s premier products. With Payment Services:

  • AdminPlus Online Forms – Parents can submit permission slips, make payments and review payment status in AdminPlus Online Forms. Payments can be viewed any time under a student’s portfolio after a permission slip has been completed.
  • AdmissionsPlus – A secure payment of application fees can be made during the application process in AdmissionsPlus. Parents can verify their payment was completed on the main page of their account.
  • RediSite E-Commerce – Parents can purchase school supplies from the online school store directly in RediSite. Schools receive funds quickly and save money.

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“Rediker’s payment processing provides streamlined reporting, simple rates, and a variety of payment frequencies to meet the needs of our customers,” said Product Owner Gina Mawyer. “With this secure and integrated platform, we help schools increase efficiency and provide cost savings.”

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