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RocketFuel Announces Launch of its $Rpay Token World’s First Crypto Loyalty Program Unveiled

RocketFuel Announces Launch of its $Rpay Token World’s First Crypto Loyalty Program Unveiled

Initiative Executed with Partner ACI Worldwide

RocketFuel Blockchain Inc., a global provider of payment solutions via ACH bank transfers, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, announced the launch of its loyalty token ($Rpay), which was developed in collaboration with ACI Worldwide, one of its larger merchant processing partners.

The native token launch will be sold at a private sale at a discounted price of $0.015 per token and $0.025 in pre-sale.

RocketFuel’s $Rpay token is the backbone of the RocketFuel loyalty program announced in October 2022, and will be used as means of payment for offers in the loyalty program and elsewhere. The loyalty program is developed in collaboration with several payment processing partners that collectively process billions of payment transactions for millions of shoppers each month ensuring maximum distribution and utility for the $Rpay token across millions of members of the loyalty program.

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Merchants and shoppers will both benefit from the world’s first crypto payments loyalty program.

Shoppers will earn $Rpay tokens on all purchases regardless of payment method and can redeem tokens with participating merchants on RocketFuel’s marketplace. Tokens can easily be transferred, shared, or sold.

Merchants are able to target and promote their goods and services to all members of the RocketFuel loyalty program using modern blockchain and NFT technologies. The RocketFuel loyalty program timing is significant as the industry is transitioning towards more modern Web3 and Metaverse technologies.

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“The $Rpay token has been designed to increase in value. There will be only 1 billion tokens in the market and with its first partner alone, it is expected to generate 5 million members and 5K merchants. High utilization is ensured from millions of shoppers earning and redeeming the $Rpay token on a regular basis,” said Peter Jensen, RocketFuel’s CEO. “In addition, 10% of the company’s loyalty program revenue will be allocated to buying $Rpay adding to our staking program. Loyalty members in the staking program will earn 5% APY and will receive significant discounts. Benefits will have higher value than cash value, hence discouraging members to convert to traditional currencies and incentivizing shoppers to buy more tokens to get more benefits.”

RocketFuel envisions the use of $Rpay for future financial services such as locking the tokens as part of a credit or loan issuance program – implementing their use in full compliance with the financial and regulatory requirements of the jurisdictions in which RocketFuel operates.

The $Rpay token will be launched as a security token first and over time as its usage increases, the company will obtain the necessary approvals for the token to be classified as a utility token. Only businesses and accredited private investors outside the United States can purchase the token.

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