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Skrill USA Launches Skrill Virtual Visa Prepaid Card in US

Skrill USA Launches Skrill Virtual Visa Prepaid Card in US

Paysafe’s Skrill USA continues to innovate digital wallet with Skrill Virtual Visa® Prepaid Card offering convenient and flexible online payments

Paysafe, a leading specialized payments platform, today announced that the Skrill USA digital wallet has unveiled a virtual version of its existing Skrill Visa® Prepaid Card. Skrill USA’s latest product innovation offers Americans a fully digital payments solution which can be activated instantly to spend their Skrill balance online wherever Visa® is accepted.

With the majority of U.S. and international eCommerce sites supporting Visa® card payments, the Skrill Virtual Visa® Prepaid Card, which is issued by the New York-headquartered Community Federal Savings Bank (CFSB)1, allows Skrill USA customers to shop online almost anywhere. Providing an alternative to the physical CFSB-issued Skrill Visa® Prepaid Card, launched in January 2020, the new virtual card involves a streamlined application process (users’ first application is also free), and can be activated in their account2 within seconds.

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Once activated, users can shop online immediately. All card details are instantly displayed within their Skrill account, with no need to wait for the solution to be physically delivered. Similarly, unlike a physical card, which can be mislaid or lost requiring replacement delays, the Skrill Virtual Visa® Prepaid Card remains constantly accessible until customers choose to lock or deactivate it, which can be done within seconds.

While a customer incurs no transaction fees when shopping online using the Skrill Virtual Visa® Prepaid Card, they do earn points for each payment under the Skrill Knect loyalty program. Each dollar spent online using the virtual card earns a Skrill user one Knect point. Points are redeemable for cash above the 5,000 Knect-point threshold as well as other rewards.

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The launch of the virtual Skrill Virtual Visa® Prepaid Card is just Skrill USA’s latest move to strengthen its solution for American consumers. In March, Skrill USA unveiled its cryptocurrency offering, allowing U.S. customers across 37 states and territories to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, after launching Skrill Money Transfer, a digital remittance solution, in 2020.

Paul Jardon, CEO and CFO of Skrill USA, said: “We’re strongly focused on evolving our product for U.S. consumers. The Skrill Virtual Visa® Prepaid Card gives our customers all the benefits and access to eCommerce of a physical Visa® card with all the speed and convenience of a solution that is 100% digital.”

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