Digital Payments News’s Zero Cost, Multicurrency Payment Gateway Systems, Available to Merchants and Consumers Worldwide’s Zero Cost, Multicurrency Payment Gateway Systems, Available to Merchants and Consumers Worldwide

WM’s ICLM and TUV online payments capacities provide Online Businesses worldwide with free and instant integration, and zero-cost multicurrency transactions and wallets

The Payments Facilities of Global Telephony Provider (“WM”) are not limited to Offline Payments. Its ICLM and TUV Facilities also have full Online Payments capacity, and can be used in the Online Payments or Payment Gateway role – for making or accepting payments – by all WM Members worldwide.

WM’s ICLM Payment and TUV Payments are de-facto Payment Gateway equivalents, and are able to be used for accepting Online Payments instantly when a Merchant joins WM as a Member. The only equipment required is a person’s existing Mobile Phone – whether a Smart Phone or Pre-Smart Mobile Phone.

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All a Member needs to do to utilize these systems as de facto Payment Gateways is display his/her ITAN Number ( Account Number) and Mobile Number on the website, and the currencies that they will accept for payment. The identifying names or references for the good or services being sold act as the payment reference.

Merchants can then instantly accept Payments in all Currencies available on the WM Platform from any WM Member anywhere in the world – and receive immediate settlement, 24/7/365 –without the possibility of chargebacks.

   We Accept ICLM and TUV Payments

Our ITAN:    WM1234567891234567891234

Our Mobile: +XX 1234 567 890

   We Accept ICLM and TUV Payments

Our ITAN:    WM9876543219876543219876

Our Mobile: +XX 9876 543 210

Payment Currencies Accepted: All Currencies

Instant Confirmation by Text:     Yes

Payment Currencies Accepted:  USD only 

Instant Confirmation by Text:      Yes

There is zero cost to Merchants accepting Payments if using the TUV Payment Gateway equivalent, or an ultra-low cost to Merchants of 0.25% to 0.1% if using the ICLM Payment Gateway equivalent. With the ICLM Payment Gateway Equivalent, Merchants can choose if they pay this ultra-low cost, whether the Purchaser should pay the cost, or whether the cost is split between Merchant and Purchaser.

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For Purchasers who are Members of WM, Payments are free and instant 24/7/365, with instant transaction history and confirmation of payment by email and text. Payments can be made in any WM Currency from any of the free multicurrency wallets provided by WM.

Generally, standard Payment Gateways charge Merchants high fees for integration into websites, charge high transaction fee, provide unfavorable and forced FX Conversion rates, do not easily provide many multicurrency accounts for settlement, take days or weeks to provide full settlement and hold back funds in retentions.

In comparison to WM’s Payment Gateway equivalents, which provide free, instant, global and multicurrency services – it will be difficult for them to compete or even to survive.

Make Online Payments Yes Yes Yes
Functions 24/7/365 Yes Yes Yes
Make & Receive Payments to & from all Countries No Yes Yes
Free Instant integration into Website / Platform No Yes Yes
Instant Acceptance of Payments by Merchants No Yes Yes
Free Multicurrency Wallets for Merchants (41) No Yes Yes
Instant Email and Text Notification of Payments No Yes Yes
Instant Detailed Payment Transaction History No Yes Yes
Pure Peer 2 Peer Transactions (PP2P) No Yes Yes
Impossible to Carry Out Fraudulent Transactions No Yes Yes
Impossible for Merchants to Incur Chargebacks No Yes Yes
Impossible for Cloned / Stolen Card Transactions No Yes Yes
Instant No-Retention Settlement to Merchants No Yes Yes
Payment Process without Intermediaries No Yes Yes
Payment Process without Intermediary Fees No Yes Yes
Functions Alone Without Any Other Entities No Yes Yes
Functions in all Countries and Territories No Yes Yes
Self-Contained Unitary Global System No Yes Yes
Uniform Global Security and Standards No Yes Yes
Total Access from Any Smart Phone No Yes Yes
Total Access from Any Pre-Smart Mobile Phone No Yes Yes
Clients can Pay in Multiple Currencies Globally No Yes Yes
Clients Control Own FX Conversions No Yes Yes
Merchants can Accept Multicurrency Payments No Yes Yes
Merchants Control Own FX Conversions No Yes Yes
Merchant and Payer can Split Payment Fees No Yes Yes
Totally Free to Make and Receive Payments No 0.25% to 1% Yes

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