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Eltropy Launches Industry’s First Unified Digital Conversations Platform for CFIs

Eltropy Unveils Industry’s First Unified Digital Conversations Platform for CFIs

The milestone release for Eltropy unifies Enterprise Texting, Video Banking, and Digital Contact Center, infused with AI everywhere, integrated with 35+ solutions for CFIs

Eltropy announced that it has revamped its Video Banking and fully integrated it with its Enterprise Texting, Digital Contact Center and AI capabilities that comprise its Unified Digital Conversations Platform—which now offers the industry’s first, completely unified approach to a community financial institution’s (CFIs) conversations with its members and customers.

With CFIs looking to accelerate digital transformation and leverage advances in AI, Eltropy, a little over one year after its pivotal 2022 acquisition of Video Banking leader POPi/o and industry AI pioneer Marsview AI, launched its groundbreaking Unified Platform to help CFIs improve member engagement, combat fraud, and digitize deposit and collection strategies.

“CFIs have options, and given the choice they would prefer an all-in-one conversational platform infused with AI, seamlessly integrated with their Core, LOS, and Collection systems, and one that’s user-friendly across all departments,” said Ashish Garg, Co-Founder and CEO of Eltropy. “Traditionally, CFIs adopt multiple point-solutions and attempt to integrate them, with limited success. However, with our new Unified Platform, they no longer need to invest time and resources in complex integrations. With this unified, single platform, CFIs can focus on their customer needs, expand their reach, and build trust while also reducing the overall cost of ownership. It’s our most important product achievement to date.”

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We live in times when conversations are shifting to digital and the power of AI significantly improves help for both members and agents. Naturally, contact center solutions originally designed for phone-centric conversations are struggling to adapt to the digital-first age. Eltropy’s Unified Platform provides a digital-first approach to transforming the call center into a modern contact center while co-existing with legacy phone systems.

Eltropy pioneered the development of a text messaging platform tailored for CFIs. In this latest release of its unified conversations platform, Eltropy has expanded its capabilities to handle all channels—Text, Chat, Video, and Voice, infused with “AI everywhere.” It’s all seamlessly integrated with Co-browsing, Document Sharing, OTP, ID Scan and KBA verification, Video Notary, Video Check Deposit, Appointment Management and Reputation Management. With AI Agents and Conversation Intelligence, AI is everywhere to help customers and agents 24/7.

“The unification of conversations under one umbrella, one platform, is critical for credit unions seeking to speed up digital transformation and build member loyalty,” said Barb Lowman, President of CUNA Strategic Services. “Eltropy is a key leader in this space that provides a comprehensive solution. By focusing on unification, credit unions can effectively bypass their competitors, both traditional and non-traditional, and engage their members in the channel of their choice.

Eltropy’s Digital Conversations Platform goes beyond the standard postage-stamp video box, providing versatility for various use cases, including Video Verification to prevent fraud; Video Notary for remote online notarization; and Video Check Deposit, allowing members to deposit checks of any denomination without having to visit a branch. With the new Eltropy Unified Platform, Video Banking can be added on the fly to any Text, Chat, or phone conversation, ensuring a smooth and concurrent experience.

“We’re delighted to see Eltropy’s digital conversations platform release, as we decided to go all in with Eltropy last year based on their vision for a unified, AI-assisted user experience,” said Buddy Bennett, COO of Cyprus Credit Union, based in West Jordan, UT. “This release exceeds our expectations, and we look forward to accelerating our digital transformation with the platform, realizing the best-in-class ROI on our investment.”

“This Unified Platform is a milestone release for Eltropy and the industry,” Garg continued. “We’ve combined capabilities from our POPi/o and Marsview acquisitions, creating an industry-leading ‘single pane of glass’ experience for users. This empowers members and customers with channel choices to initiate conversations with CFIs, streamlining digital transformation efforts for CFIs of any size. These enhancements reinforce our commitment to equipping community banks and credit unions with a cutting-edge conversations platform to thrive in today’s competitive financial landscape.”

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