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EPFR and Exante Data Partner to Launch FX Flow Pulse

EPFR and Exante Data Partner to Launch FX Flow Pulse

EPFR’s Trusted Data and Exante’s Expert Analysis Fills Critical Gap for Investors With Global Exposure, Simplifies FX Markets

EPFR, a subsidiary of Informa plc and global industry leader in providing fund flows and allocation data to financial institutions, announced the launch of FX Flow Pulse with partner Exante. This collaboration bridges a gap for investors with global exposure by delivering Forex (FX) positioning indices and analysis driven by a unique dataset that captures global, real-money currency exposures inclusive of derivatives.

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FX Flow Pulse includes FX indices, bi-monthly analysis and analytics on what’s driving currency markets, along with any directional implications by leveraging EPFR’s data and Exante’s interpretive capabilities. FX Flow Pulse aims to generate alpha and mitigate risk across FX markets for macro funds, multi-strategy groups, real money managers, corporates, financial institutions and central banks.

“FX Flow Pulse gives investors the ability to understand what’s truly driving currency markets globally,” said Todd Willits, Head of EFPR, at Informa Financial Intelligence/EPFR. “This product offers a comprehensive, precise, transparent and timely solution to help investors navigate FX, the most liquid and high-volume market in the world. We’ve spent years developing this data, which gives us the ability to map complex, raw data into simple, clear indices for investors.”

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“Fundamentals drive currencies in the long run. But in the shorter-term, precise positioning analysis is crucial to make efficient alpha decisions and to navigate risk,” said Jens Nordvig, Founder and CEO of Exante Data. “FX Flow Pulse seamlessly unites the best raw data with EPFR, and Exante’s proprietary analysis to deliver customers a solution that addresses their FX challenges.”

FX Flow Pulse users obtain multiple monthly updates on the FX Positioning Index, a monthly holistic flow view and a thematic flow analysis. Additionally, through an online portal, users have access to regularly updated charts of FX positioning indices and robust data.

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