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First Flutter-Powered Mobile Banking App in Europe

First Flutter-Powered Mobile Banking App in Europe
PJSC ROSBANK, a part of the international financial group Société Générale, launched the first corporate banking app in Europe powered by Flutter. The app was designed and developed together with Surf, a mobile development company focused on creating flagship apps. In 2021, the Rosbank Business app was recognized as the Best App for Financial Company.

Rosbank Business is a banking app created by Rosbank for their corporate clients. The Smart Bank concept that lies at the heart of the app, presents a center for solving any banking-related issues and needs of the bank’s clients.

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The first version of a universal application for legal entities was released by the bank early in 2019 and covered the basic functionality. Then, as the app grew in popularity with clients, the bank decided to speed up releasing new features and chose Flutter as a technology capable of accelerating and facilitating further growth of their app.

Flutter is a cross-platform software development kit (SDK) used for crafting apps. The major Flutter advantage lies in using a single code base for Android and iOS and, consequently, saving up to 50% of the cost and time. This results in decreasing time to market and expanding market reach for each platform. Flutter also delivers excellent performance and high quality animations due to the possibilities of Dart, a relatively simple and highly efficient Google-developed language.

“We announced a tender for the development of a Flutter application, then we studied the portfolio of companies, relevant experience, and cost. What I liked most about Surf was that it was not too lazy to make a demo from layouts and offered us a reasonable price. We did a really great job as a single product team,” Andrey Davydov, Head of Mobile, Rosbank Corporate Digital.

The design of a new app was created by Rosbank. Surf task was to study it from the point of view of business logic and adjust it for the format and structure of the server data.

The tight deadlines did not allow developing the backend for a new app from scratch so the existing backend was used to run some services. To make the interaction correct and smooth, Surf integrated a middleware server which is a layer to connect the new mobile app with both the old and the new backend.

The Surf team finished the development of the new app first version in 2020. The Rosbank team took the project into their own hands and continued developing the app in-house.

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The transfer of the project from one team to another took about two months. At the first stage, the bank’s developers closely interacted with the Surf team taking part in reviews and feature releases based on the adjusted processes and flow practiced by Surf. In parallel, the bank was setting up CI/CD to facilitate the development process.

In 2021, the Rosbank Business app was awarded Gold as Best App for Financial/Insurance Company by Tagline Awards which is the largest digital-competition in Europe for the most innovative and high-quality projects. Rosbank Business case study  gives a more detailed story of the app development told by Surf including key challenges and their solution.

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