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FreeCast’s MediaPay Aims to Solve Streaming’s Biggest Frustration

FreeCast's MediaPay Aims to Solve Streaming's Biggest Frustration

A one-stop-shop with unified payments simplifies an increasingly complex streaming ecosystem

Long a priority of FreeCast, the company is now announcing plans to move forward with MediaPay. MediaPay is a unified billing system that will be paired with the company’s SmartGuide to allow SelectTV customers to easily pay for both subscription and pay-per-view video products, and see all charges on a single bill. The company has partnered in the payment space and is getting ready to launch the service within the coming weeks.

Streaming has become increasingly complicated and expensive with so many new services coming online in recent years. FreeCast’s SelectTV aims to become an all-inclusive solution, eliminating the need for customers to juggle different accounts and passwords. This now applies to both navigating and managing content as well as payment and billing.

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This streamlined payment approach will also make it easier for consumers to manage their subscriptions and payments. SelectTV customers will be able to see and stop unwanted subscriptions, see all of their pay-per-view purchases, and manage their monthly media spending from their account page. This approach is both more convenient and more secure, as payments made through MediaPay do not expose consumers credit card numbers or banking information, eliminating the risk of fraud or data breaches at streaming providers.

FreeCast CEO William Mobley talked about the importance of a unified experience in today’s streaming environment. “We’ve been working towards this for a long time, as part of our mission to make streaming as convenient as cable, at a fraction of the price. We’ll have another announcement later this month with more information before launching in November. SelectTV is going to be the one app you need to manage it all: find your favorite shows and movies from across different services, and then see all of your subscription and pay-per-view charges for a month on one itemized bill.”

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