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iPipeline Appoints Daphne Thomas as Chief Operating Officer

iPipeline Appoints Daphne Thomas as Chief Operating Officer

iPipeline – a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for the life insurance and financial services industry –announced the appointment of Daphne Thomas to the role of Chief Operating Officer. The appointment comes several months after iPipeline was acquired by Roper, a diversified technology company. Roper operates businesses that design and develop software (both license and software-as-a-service) and engineered products and solutions for a variety of niche end markets.

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In this new role, Daphne will be responsible for overseeing the organization’s ongoing operations and procedures as well as the overall efficiency of the business. She will also advise the Senior Executive team about the operations capabilities required to ensure the successful continuity of the business. Daphne has served as EVP of Professional Services and Chief Transformation Officer at iPipeline for 12 years. Daphne is replaced by Maureen Kincade, who now serves as SVP of Professional Services reporting directly to her.

“I am pleased to recognize the outstanding contributions made by Daphne Thomas in her prior role. iPipeline has gone through many pivotal transitions since 1995. Daphne’s appointment to the role of Chief Operating Officer is a logical progression given her extensive knowledge of and dedication to the business,” said Larry Berran, CEO, iPipeline. “Daphne built the Professional Services organization into a true powerhouse for our clients. I am confident that Daphne will continue to make similar contributions to the company in her new role as Chief Operating Officer.”

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“iPipeline has made enormous strides in product implementations. As a result of supporting thousands of projects and releases, I have forged strong relationships with our customers and understand their strategic business needs. In my new role, I will continue to engage our customers at all levels to support their continued efforts to digitally transform their businesses,” said Daphne Thomas, Chief Operations Officer, iPipeline. “iPipeline has an intense focus on making it easier for individuals to purchase the financial products needed to secure their futures. My goal is to ensure key operations within iPipeline perform optimally to make this a reality for the industry.”

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