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KlariVis Announces New Relationship With Rio Bank

KlariVis Bear Market Conditions Lead to Investors Surging to Stocks and Crypto Investment Platform Streetbeatnnounces New Relationship With Rio Bank

KlariVis, a fast-growing enterprise dashboard and analytics solution for the financial services industry, announced its new relationship with Rio Bank as a key analytics tool for the bank’s future.

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KlariVis compiles and aggregates high-value, actionable data into an interactive, user-friendly enterprise dashboard and analytics platform. The KlariVis platform provides financial institutions with timely insights and an infrastructure to modernize elements of their tech stack while driving profitability, productivity, and performance. As a solution developed for bankers by bankers, KlariVis continues to see rapid growth as financial organizations seek a simpler way to transform their data and empower executive and frontline decision-making.

Rio Bank is in the midst of a transformation as it received an inflow of capital and is expanding into new markets. “As we grow, KlariVis is an important tool because it will give us instant access to data, increase visibility, and help us be proactive with our customers,” says Brian Humphreys, President of Rio Bank.

Rio Bank has served the South Texan community since 1985, and since then, Rio Bank has continued to fulfill its mission to help its communities grow as a commercial-oriented bank. Rio Bank currently operates banking centers in 11 Rio Grande Valley communities and has a loan production office in San Antonio.

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Omar Rodriguez, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Rio Bank, adds, “The KlariVis team is very involved in the process and they understand us. This is a big commitment from our bank to make our employees’ jobs easier and more fulfilling. KlariVis helps us understand our customers better, and we are able to service them more directly.”

“We are looking forward to our new relationship with Rio Bank,” says Kim Snyder, CEO of KlariVis. “We founded KlariVis with a similar mission — to help banks and their communities grow and prosper. With support from our solution, Rio Bank will become a more data-driven institution, and they will have the tools and knowledge to empower employees and customers to live and work better.”

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