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Paybby Partners with TOKAU to offer a Payment Portal for the Masterminds of Hip Hop NFT collection featuring the Pioneers of Hip Hop

Paybby Partners with TOKAU to offer a Payment Portal for the Masterminds of Hip Hop NFT collection featuring the Pioneers of Hip Hop

Paybby, the leading digital bank for the underserved community, is partnering with TOKAU to launch the Masterminds of Hip Hop NFT collection this month. Paybby will provide Tokau the exclusive payment portal for fans to purchase the NFTs, starting with Masterminds and other celebrities such as NBA legend Allen Iverson.

TOKAU will be previewing the Masterminds of Hip Hop collection this Friday, August 13, in NYC at their exclusive kickoff party. The NFT collection features a one-of-a-kind, digital collection created by the original creators of Rap and Hip Hop.

“We are excited to work with TOKAU and Masterminds of Hip Hop to provide a way for fans to purchase NFTs,” says Hassan Miah, CEO and Founder of Paybby.  “We want to make it really easy for fans to access these NFTs and learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrency.”

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“The partnership between TOKAU and Paybby will definitely result in a win-win situation,” said Dennis Tok, the co-founder and Co-CEO of TOKAU. “We want to educate the public about what is an NFT and give fans everywhere an opportunity to participate.  With Paybby, we will make the process seamless and easy.  We look forward to a close and long-term collaboration between TOKAU and Paybby.”

“The Masterminds of Hip Hop collection is all about giving recognition and compensation to the original pioneers and legends of Hip Hop,” says Russell Simmons, The Godfather of Hip Hop.  “What’s exciting is now fans everywhere can own a piece of this collection and have their own piece of Hip Hop history.  What we did was add pieces of never before seen history and digital assets on the blockchain.  Fans everywhere can buy 1 NFT or own the whole collection.  We are excited about working with TOKAU and Paybby to make it easier for fans everywhere to participate.”

Paybby, which is a black-owned, digital bank, was founded to better serve the underserved community and provide them with equal access to banking services by offering the latest technology and Fintech solutions. With Paybby’s partnership with TOKAU, fans everywhere will be able to access this exclusive NFT collection curated by Russell Simmons and Snoop Dog.

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“With this partnership, Hip Hop fans everywhere can easily purchase TOKAU NFTs with their credit card,” says Miranda Tan, CMO for Paybby and Spokesperson for TOKAU.  “The Masterminds of Hip Hop collection is an exclusive collection where TOKAU is working with some of the original creators and legends in Hip Hop.  Now with the TOKAU Paybby partnership and collaboration, Hip Hop fans everywhere and not just the crypto savvy fans can easily access and buy these one-of-a-kind NFT treasures.”

In the first half of 2021, the sales of NFT products have reached $2.5 billion, and is expected to continue to explode. In this emerging market, the average value of published NFTs is increasing fast with bright future prospects. As Paybby is built to empower the communities to build wealth, it is also opening the gate to the new market for its users.

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