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Real-Time Banking Data Solution For Greater Insight Into Customer Preferences

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Resonate, which is proudly known as the leader in the world of AI-powered consumer data and intelligence, has recently launched the Resonate Banking solution with 248 data attributes on the intent, motivations and values driving today’s banking customers so banks can enrich their existing data to create a holistic picture of their customers to more efficiently and effectively meet their needs.

The Resonate Banking data set of 230 million U.S. banking customers offers up-to-date data for better analytics, modeling and targeting efforts.

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In addition, marketers can use Resonate Banking to enhance their acquisition, retention, and upsell/cross-sell initiatives to:

Monetize existing customers: Banks can better understand their existing customer base and appropriately target and message these individuals for upsell and cross-sell using data that frames what they care about most when it comes to choosing a bank.

Acquire new customers:Using Resonate Banking data, banks can design better products, services, and messaging, and more accurately target them across all media channels.

Increase customer lifetime value: Banks can more accurately model who in their existing customer base is shopping for and is likely to purchase additional products by leveraging Resonate’s life-stage insights.

Retain existing customers: Banks can more precisely predict who in their existing customer base is likely to churn and why. Using these insights, banks can develop personalized products, services and messaging.

Banks’ marketing effectiveness is impeded by limited first party and low-quality third party data, which makes it difficult to create personalized marketing experiences with customers and prospects. A complete view of the U.S. banking market, both national and local, covering 230 million individuals. A robust set of sentiment, behavioral, and enhanced intent data, including key psychographics to understand the “why” factor, including banking selection considerations, reasons for switching, life stage data, personal values, and more and access to digital and offline media consumption insights that allow financial marketers to understand where these intenders are consuming content and where to reach them.

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“Banks have access to rich first-party data sets that allow them to understand their customers’ transactions. But this data alone or combined with typical third-party data—doesn’t provide banks with the insight they need to engage today’s consumer and drive growth,” said Bryan Gernert, Chief Executive Officer of Resonate. “Resonate provides banks and other FinServ companies with rich, continuously updated, privacy-safe data sets that allow banks to understand customers and prospects holistically. In the banks’ ecosystem or in our Resonate Ignite platform, this AI-powered data set is unparalleled. This means banks can predict more precisely and market more effectively across the customer lifecycle generating revenue.”

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