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Talenthouse to Partner With and Invest up to $7 Million in Cash and Shares in Nerve

Talenthouse to Partner With and Invest up to $7 Million in Cash and Shares in Nerve

Talenthouse AG is a technology platform company, working with the world’s largest creative community of over 18 million members, to produce the highest quality digital content for many of the largest companies globally

TalentPlus, Talenthouse’s one-stop-financial app built for Creators, has partnered with and Talenthouse will invest up to $7 million in cash and shares in Nerve, an embedded banking solution for the US creator economy. This is the first time Nerve will be providing their embedded banking proposition on a private-label basis.

Through this investment and partnership, TalentPlus plans to launch in the US in late-November and move into several markets in 2023 including the UK and Latin America to lessen the financial burdens of Creators. Furthermore, TalentPlus plans to add personal banking services to its offering in 2023 across all markets to benefit the Creator Economy.

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The Creator Economy is not limited to social media influencers and YouTubers – it is a global phenomenon of working creative professionals. Adobe estimates (August 2022) that less than 15% of the 303 million creators across nine key markets that were surveyed are influencers. The sector is estimated to be worth in excess of $2.8 trillion and is heavily driven by digital advertising needs.

The TalentPlus solution comes at a time where Creators, now more than ever, want to merge their passion with their profession and monetise their skills. TalentPlus will merge local and global financial service offerings seamlessly, taking advantage of Open Banking solutions where available to best service the rapidly evolving Creator Economy.

TalentPlus will ensure that there is a direct payout with no loss in cash, typically resulting from payment provider fees, for Creators on the platform when paid out from brands.

Clare McKeeve, CEO of Talenthouse states: “This is a significant step into the U.S. market for Talenthouse. We plan to recreate this financial services model across several markets in the near future including the UK and Latin America. We have been incredibly impressed by and have huge confidence in the Nerve team, underlined by our significant strategic investment.”

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John Waupsh, CEO of Nerve states: “We are super excited about collaborating with Talenthouse and the TalentPlus team to drive innovation for creative businesses and delivering financial services to an underserved community. This partnership will expand our payments and banking services to Talenthouse’s U.S.-based creators, dramatically improving the financial services available to the creator economy.”

Michael Callas, SVP and Global Head of TalentPlus states: “Nerve is a game changer for creatives in the United States. Thanks to our strategic partnership we will be perfectly positioned to become creatives’ single point of access into banking, insurance, accounting and a substantial suite of lifestyle and business services. We’re poised to help millions to create freely!”

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