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Who Benefits From Fintech’s Dual Pricing Program For SMBS?

Exclusive Dual Pricing Programme

VizyPay, a leading fintech company that specializes in payment processing and supports small companies in rural America, announced the debut of its exclusive Dual Pricing Programme. VizyPay’s technology dramatically reduces or eliminates the majority of credit card processing fees by extending its extensive range of payment solutions for small business owners.

By providing clients with a choice between a cash price and a normal price, dual pricing increases transparency. Due to the absence of a credit card processing fee, cash pricing is historically less expensive. With the use of VizyPay’s technology, businesses can offer customers both a cash price and a normal price. The consumer can then choose their preferred payment method, giving them the choice between paying cash and using a credit or debit card.

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Dual Pricing Program

Maintaining 100% of the cash price for every item sold is advantageous to businesses as well. With the introduction of Cash Discount 2.0, VizyPay offered a comparable choice and helped company owners avoid paying over $9 million in needless processing fees in the first few months of 2023 alone.

To implement the Dual Pricing Program, businesses need software or equipment capable of offering dual pricing, like VizyPOS. Business owners then need to update and display cash and regular prices for each inventory, menu or invoice item and replace all prior pricing signage and disclosures with new signage that is program compliant and provided by VizyPay.

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Industry Insights

“We strive to be a one-stop-shop with easy-to-implement technology and multiple options that fit the unique needs of each business owner,” said VizyPay Software Developer Brett Dewerff. “The Dual Pricing Program is another way we have fulfilled that commitment with another transparent pricing solution that offers unlimited transactions and avoids annual fees.”

“We’re all familiar with dual pricing. We’ve seen it perform extremely well at gas stations for decades, and now we’re offering the same solution to small businesses to help them grow,” said VizyPay CEO and Founder Austin Mac Nab. “Now auto shops, restaurants, salons and more across rural America can utilize dual pricing to positively impact their bottom line as they’re able to save on each item sold at the cash price.”

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