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Brighter Financial Future Awaits OFWs Through the Blockchain with “Remit, Save, Reward” Program

Brighter Financial Future Awaits OFWs Through the Blockchain with “Remit, Save, Reward” Program
P/E Capital Investment plans to dive into the blockchain through its ‘Remit.Save.Reward’ (RSR) program

Overseas Filipino Workers now have a brighter future of growing their hard-earned money in a number of ways through the blockchain, providing access to opportunities that before were reserved only for big time players with large upfront capital.

All this is possible through P/E Capital Investment SEA Pte Ltd., the Singapore based hedge fund arm of US Boutique Investment Firm P/E Capital Investment Management Partners, which is planning to dive into the blockchain through its ‘Remit.Save.Reward’ (RSR) program. Initially this will be launched in the Philippines and will expand its reach into other regions.

Acceptar Group, a Philippine cryptocurrency blockchain consulting firm, will assist P/E Capital in the development of their token and will provide technical and blockchain expertise to help their company transition into the full benefits of this technology.

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The main goal of this project is to help Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s) participate in hedge fund type programs with significantly lower entry requirements compared to traditional hedge funds that normally need at least $250,000 minimum to join so they can participate in programs and enjoy the same benefits without the initial entry requirement.

According to P/E Capital CEO Eliseo Jojo L. Prisno, “The future will be brighter for our OFW’s through this program. The vision is to allow these OFW’s to have a long-term investment that they can enjoy after their stint abroad. Many of them have worked for a very long time but are unable to save for their future. This will give these OFWs an opportunity that’s usually available only to ultra-high net worth individuals.”

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The P/E Capital token called “P/ECaT” will create rewards based on their trading program. This will be the first Philippine hedge fund type project that will be backed by real-world assets of NASDAQ 100 listed companies in the electric vehicle ecosystem. The program which delivered a 37% equivalent yield captured last year’s momentum in the EV sector with investments in Tesla, NIO Motors, General Motors, Ford Motors, Apple and Nvidia to name a few. The fund is now in its second year and will embark on an expanded distribution – this time through the blockchain.

This token will be minted as part of the custom tokens that Nekoin protocol will release within its compliance-centric ecosystem to provide more value to Filipinos worldwide.

The Remit.Save.Reward(RSR) Program will incentivize OFWs by delivering promotions and  special offers whenever they remit money to their loved ones. RSR participants can enjoy zero remittance transaction fees, and senders can participate in the program so they can avail its rewards once they go home to retire.

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