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Click Launches On Android As The First Digital Trust Network To Go Cross-Platform

Click Launches On Android As The First Digital Trust Network To Go Cross-Platform

Click’s ContentSign technology, powered by the Nodle Network, gives Android users the ability to create authentic content for free

Clickthe world’s first digital trust network, is now launching on Android to provide content authenticity verification for creators globally. Following Click’s successful launch on iOS and web platforms in December, Click is now cross-platform. This expansion gives Android’s global userbase of over three billion access to the Click mobile app. Click addresses the common challenge of determining the authenticity of photos and videos with its proprietary technology, ContentSign. It caters to various users, including photographers, citizen journalists, reporters, law enforcement, sports fans, paparazzi and content creators.

Click for Android will be available globally, starting this month in English. Click will support all Android versions from Android 8.0 (Oreo) to the latest version, Android 14.0 (Upside Down Cake), making Click accessible to approximately 90% of Android’s global userbase. Additional language and localization support for Click on Android is coming soon.

Click’s ContentSign empowers individuals to effortlessly create and share authentic content with device location and verification through an immutable digital trust network, accompanied by proof of authenticity. Authentic content enriched with verifiable metadata can be easily confirmed for authenticity via Click’s public website, mobile apps, and Content Credentials “Verify” page.

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Click works in 3 simple steps:
(1) Click – to capture content (photos and videos) using the Click camera. Captured content is automatically C2PA certified.
(2) Swipe – to sign and record a proof of authenticity on the blockchain. Signed content is made public.
(3) Share – to publish with creator attribution (date, time and location details). Signed content can be shared anywhere, on any messenger, website, blog or social platform.

“We’re excited to bring Click to Android (and iOS) devices worldwide in 2024, especially given the numerous elections taking place globally,” said Micha Benoliel, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Nodle, creator of Click. “Determining what’s real, fabricated or simply outdated is now more crucial than ever. We aim to address this massive problem by providing accurate and trusted information for the decision-making of two billion voters across 50 countries going to the polls this year.”

Click actively supports the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), which addresses the prevalence of misleading information online through the development of open technical standards for certifying the source and history (or provenance) of media content. C2PA is a Joint Development Foundation project formed through an alliance of companies, including Adobe, Arm, Intel, Microsoft and Truepic. Click is also a member of the Adobe-led Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), which focuses on systems providing context and history for digital media, and Project Origin, a Microsoft- and BBC-led initiative that tackles disinformation in the digital news ecosystem.

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