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Concordium Teams up With Wert to Simplify NFT Buying and Selling

Concordium Teams up With Wert to Simplify NFT Buying and Selling

Concordium blockchain announces a partnership with licensed virtual currency provider Wert to simplify the trading process and provide additional value to NFT marketplaces within the Concordium ecosystem.

Tallinn-based Estonian company, Wert is a payment solution for both non-custodial NFT marketplaces and DeFi Apps looking for a customer friendly check-out solution. It allows clients using debit and credit card payments to interact with smart contracts, providing a great opportunity for web2 businesses looking to easily and painlessly step into the world of web3.

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By offering a top-up module that can be integrated to any web or mobile app, as well as APIs setting up a tailored purchase flow for different users, Wert enables the seamless purchasing of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other DeFi products within an entirely customizable process. This will happen around mid/end Q1 2023 through an easy-to-use interface that requires no deposits or commissions.

Users will be able to spend on the Wert platform and see those funds immediately transferred to the NFT marketplace smart contract, calling the function to transfer the NFT to the user’s address. Clients will also have the ability to add utility token purchases, provide specified data with each transaction, or request that Wert query a smart contract before the transaction.

The collaboration between Wert and Concordium aims to allow anyone to sell cryptocurrencies on their website without giving up their independence from authorities. This is crucial to the ideals behind the Concordium project, an ecosystem designed to balance privacy with accountability through the only proof-of-stake blockchain with a groundbreaking self-sovereign ID framework.

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“ is a great catalyst for lowering the barrier for use cases and projects to gain user-adoption, both for DeFi and dApps. And a service like this is a great addition to the Concordium ecosystem as a fiat-on-ramp that can interact with smart contracts,” says Holger Fischer, Blockchain Solutions Analyst at Concordium.

“We’ve started an incredible journey with the Concordium team and hope to create a cutting edge payment experience for unique blockchain consumers. This is the first partnership of this scale and we’re looking forward to innovating together with the Concordium ecosystem,” says George Basiladze, co-founder of Wert.

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