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HashCash Builds AI-integrated Blockchain Prototype to Determine Energy Consumption Patterns

HashCash Builds AI-integrated Blockchain Prototype to Determine Energy Consumption Patterns

HashCash Consultants present a blockchain prototype addressing energy distribution by analyzing consumption patterns using AI-integrated architecture

HashCash Consultants, a global blockchain development company and a proponent of blockchain technology across industries, presents a blockchain solution to certain energy distribution challenges faced in energy sales applications.

HashCash proposes a blockchain architecture engineered with Artificial Intelligence mechanisms that can read and draw up energy consumption patterns to be used in energy sales applications.

Basically, energy sales over a blockchain network may happen in a way similar in principle to financial transactions over the network using cryptocurrency. The artificial Intelligence component serves to map the energy deficit of the various consumer sectors to specific channels through which the electricity must be delivered.

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“The basic principles of blockchain in finance are suitably applicable to blockchain in energy. The difference lies in that the product, in this case, electricity must also be taken into account,” says HashCash Chief and blockchain pioneer, Raj Chowdhury.

“Also the transactions in these cases do not only involve values and information but also the delivery of electricity over dedicated network infrastructure as per the route specified by the AI component.”

The solution provided by the HashCash model looks to optimize energy production by assessing the requirement volume through AI mechanisms.

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HashCash, as an advocate of industry-wide blockchain adoption, proposes various solutions to simplify global problems. HashCash has previously theorized Vaccine passport, tokenized Eco gold, and several others addressing operational roadblocks.

The energy optimization model may be extended in various capacities to address related concerns. However, this model focuses on optimized production and distribution of energy.

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