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Introducing HandCash Connect: Time to Build Better BitCoin Apps

Introducing HandCash Connect: Time to Build Better BitCoin Apps

Spain-based BitCoin wallet provider, HandCash, has now packaged, in just one toolkit, the basic components every BitCoin application developer needs. Named ‘HandCash Connect’, the new BitCoin app software development kit is an all-in-one toolkit with six basic components that every developer can use to easily build new applications on the BitCoin SV (BSV) blockchain. The toolkit reduces each key component to simple code snippets in plain English. All a developer needs to do is call the APIs and the Cloud will do all the heavy lifting for them, so they can quickly start building powerful BitCoin applications. This is made possible because HandCash uses the BitCoin SV blockchain, the only chain that significantly scales (now), is regulation-friendly and has robust utility.

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The BSV blockchain’s greater scaling, data and micropayment capabilities allow enterprises to build great BitCoin applications. HandCash want developers to focus on their business and customers instead of worrying about the BitCoin component the business sits on top of. HandCash will take care of all that, leaving developers to create apps and services, as well getting visibility on our umbrella app.

But what can be built with it?:

As HandCash Connect is a backend solution, instead of a frontend, so apps and games can be built on any platform – be it mobile, tablet, desktop, web or even for a smart fridge.

Essentially, this SDK allows developers to take advantage of all the powerful properties of BitCoin as a technology platform without any complex BitCoin protocol development skills to learn or infrastructure to maintain.

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